Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 2 July 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

“Ain’t nobody ever going to lock us down again!” said the rodeo announcer at the Gladewater Roundup.  But Sydney, Australia didn’t get the word.  They’ve dived back into lock down because of the Delta variant, or whatever.  I’m scared all over again, aren’t you?  That runny nose could be deadly!  Sorry to have been right, but we were afraid the Covid nonsense would be with us for as long as the liars could keep it going.  While orders are still being barked, some with the teeth of FEDERAL LAW, here the authority mongers come with another planetary scare.  They just keep trotting this stuff out, confident they’ve got us all on the run.

A UN team just conducted a “study,” and says that North Pole ice will disappear during summer months by 2035.  Isn’t that swell?  They claim they got their boat stuck in the ice intentionally, so it could be carried by the shifting ice.  After the Australian adventure, where their research vessel clearly wasn’t intended to be stranded, you’d have thought they’d have learned their lesson.  Now they’re claiming they got their boat stranded on purpose.  Pardon our doubts.

Do they think we don’t remember all the astute predictions they’ve made over the years?  If we’d listened to Al Gore the ice should have been melted seven years ago in 2013.  But it didn’t happen.  It’s just like one of these buffoons who calls for the end of the world.  Often, they put the whole thing on a short fuse so books can be sold.  When the date goes by, which so far it always has, they come up with a lame excuse and continue to bamboozle a select few.  But their reputation is forever blown with society at large, and particularly the news media.  Maybe some soothsayer made money with book sales and interviews, but no sane person will ever have anything to do with them from that point forward.  Why does it not work that way with the climate-change alarmists?

In the case of “climate change” most mainstream media are sold no matter how many times disaster is predicted with the conclusion that we all have to drive cars with rechargeable batteries.  At least you’ll be able to speed along silently confident that all other motorists are destroying the planet while you are protecting the environment.  But batteries have a life and as we all know they don’t last forever.  When a car battery fails, you spend a hundred dollars or less and get another one.  When your electric car battery won’t take a charge, you better have savings.  One might even dare ask, what are the environmental consequences to battery production, and what do they do with them when the won’t take a charge anymore?  I bet big spent batteries are great for the “planet.”  Look up “lithium mining” and see how “green” it is.

The glaciers they claimed would be a distant memory are still doing just fine.  Only a handful of years ago they claimed that snow was a thing of the past.  We’d have to have pictures or video to explain what snow was like to the children.  But we’re still going skiing.  Not for two years mind you, and that’s because of the Covid scare, not because snow wasn’t plentiful.  Every ski facility was “enforcing” Covid restrictions, and we couldn’t be bothered.  Now they’re really trying to frighten everybody with the dreaded Delta variant.  Especially those youngsters who aren’t old enough to remember all the things that were supposed to have happened and didn’

They’re trying to tell us we’re destroying the planet by eating too much meat.  We’re supposed to be losing sleep over our carbon footprints.  Funny, those “saving the planet” are using more fossil fuel than most of us put together, because they’re busy saving the planet and we peons are just supposed to do what they say.  Al Gore was full of beans 20 years ago, and he’s made a fortune in the process of being a buffoon.  Meatless meat?  Thanks anyway.  Even the esteemed scientists know Al Gore is talking out his hat.

And it’s not like they just invented so-called “meatless meat.”  They had it in the grocery stores forty or more years ago.   It just so happens that I remember my Dad ridiculing stuff that was supposed to taste just like meat.  Now the fastfood chains (at least Burger King) are calling you “chicken” if you don’t try it.  “What?  Afraid you might like it?” they say before ending the spot with a couple of clucks.

That’s not the point.  Even the most hideous creeping things can be made to “taste good” with enough butter, garlic and a little MSG.  So what?  Some of us determine that we don’t want to eat something for reasons other than “taste.”  That’s beside the point.  We want to know what’s in it before getting too excited.

Science has been besmirched beyond all recognition.  Studying science should be an effort to understand the processes and LAWs that God put into effect at creation.  The scientists, many of them, have become so impressed with .themselves they think they are the highest form of intellect in the universe.  That’s the height of stupidity.  We can’t wait until they find out how wrong they’ve been.  Fauci needs to suffer a few consequences too.  Maybe he and algore have a future together.

Mark Armstrong

PS.  Many of you know Loma Powers, as she’s been present at many Feasts and Holy Day meetings over the years.  She’s having some health concerns and could use our prayers.  No doubt they’ll be appreciated.