Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 17 September 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

Did it strike you as amusing, the way corona virus edicts were announced in the midst of an unmitigated disaster in Kabul?  Let us get up in the air about some draconian, ruinous domestic orders, shall we?  Let’s have lawsuits flying, people outraged that those on high have determined that the orders should be enforced along the lines of the Mark of the Beast.  Did the conniving class read the Bible in order to render the ultimate punishment for not following orders?

You don’t have to look hard.  Already people are having to “show their papers” proving they’ve followed orders, otherwise… sorry.  The smart little physician, without whom this illness might never have existed, advises that people shouldn’t be allowed to fly, save they have the proof.  There’s no shortage of famous types urging everybody to do as they’re told or prepare to be denied things you need.

Social media will eradicate your memory if one publicly espouses some belief other than that which has been approved by the pertinent parties.  They, and their fact checkers alone determine the truth of any given subject.  Maybe they’ll have to alter their perception after more indisputable facts go viral, but for now your musings are banned.

The idea that the public has been muzzled and agrees to “terms and conditions” is troubling.  We know that these incalculably wealthy platforms are allowed to thrive by… do I have to say it?  They are shielded from legal responsibility for their actions, Congress has decreed it.  Your Constitutional rights have not been abridged by a sovereign power, but by a private company made immune by “law.”

In the 60’s it was all about rebellion.  Neither the dropped out college kids nor those who stayed in school were about to follow the dictates of “the man.”  They weren’t about to obey societal norms and they sure weren’t going to follow any dictatorial orders.  Can you even imagine if the COVID panic had happened during the rebellion of the 60’s?  So those rebels, by and large, are now running the agencies and the whole show.  They’ve become “the man.”

They’re insisting that we all fall into line and follow their dictates.  How bizarre is that?  They were willing to draw the line, and not put up with the kindergarten talking points on the news.  No, they’d protest, maybe riot.  But somebody try that now?  They’ll come down with the full might of the alphabet agencies and when possible, law enforcement.

They’ve got a front man reading from a script he didn’t write, trying to understand what he’s saying.  No questions, please.  The speaker of the house is admitting that the Chinese are committing heinous crimes if not genocide against the Uigers but says climate change is more important.

They’ve made up evidence of climate change.  Claims are made over news networks that turn out to be totally bogus.  Who can forget the nonsense coming out of East Anglia University, or the manic attempt to cover it up?

But they’ve decided FEAR is the way to get people to do whatever they want, and so far, it’s working!  They’ve chased us around for decades about climate change.  They point to weather incidents to bolster (prove) their claims, but then insist it’s not about weather.  Not that this is proof one way or the other, but we’ve had one of the mildest summers anybody can remember in Texas.  Ok, it’s not about weather, but we’re not in a panicky mood.

It’s as if the powers in charge are out to extinguish any hint of patriotism.  We’re ashamed of some things that were done historically, but now we have to be ashamed of what our leaders have done in Afghanistan.  You could hardly have written a worse screenplay.  The excuses are lame and unbelievable.  It’s as if they set out to give the U. S. a black eye while enriching the Taliban beyond their wildest dreams.  We’ve got an idea who wanted it to turn out this way.  Read the next 20th Century WATCH for details.

Our border looks like the third world and is populated now by vast numbers of people from the southern regions.  Lately they’re flooding in from Haiti.  If you want to see a disastrous land, cursed by generations of corruption and widespread poverty, look no further.  Here they come from El Salvador,

Guatemala and Nicaragua, with some from Africa and the Middle East.  How long before we have their problems?

Most of those who keep God’s Holy Days have already set out for the Feast of Tabernacles.  It is intended to be a time of joy and a celebration of the time when the Kingdom of God is to be established.  We can have joy looking forward, because things are going bad at breakneck speed with the crew running the show, whoever it is.

Mark Armstrong