Greetings from Tyler,

Much of what we see coming in the immediate future is enough to make you run outside with your hair on fire.  Quite a few of us remember the days of Jimmy Carter, and while he may have been the nicest of men, he was a humiliation to the nation.  We got stomped, threatened, attacked by every bad boy on earth.  Suddenly the whole world knew it was open season on America, and did we ever pay.  Reminisce if you can about the Iranian hostage crisis and the torture Americans endured at the hands of the ayatollah’s followers.  There were complex factors at play, but the most important was America’s projection of weakness.  We were told that the “world was running out of fossil fuel” and there were gas lines to prove it.  The price of fuel doubled before our eyes, but it just couldn’t be helped.  OPEC controlled the world supply, and we were on their blacklist because, Israel.

We’re projecting it again.  Our news insists we’re bogged down in racial acrimony.  At least in our part of the woods, that’s not the case.  People are polite and everyone seems to get along with each other just fine.  But that’s apparently not the case in some big city neighborhoods.   It was only a week or so ago that white supremacy was announced to be the greatest “threat to America.”  We’ve yet to see any evidence of the claim, but what do we know?  Were those white supremacists looting the stores, burning buildings, and taunting the police?  Just asking.

But the purported president has gone to Europe for the G-7 meetings and assured the assembled dignitaries that America First policies are a thing of the past.  There’ll be no more of that racist, homophobic, xenophobic, trying to save the country nonsense.  The transformers are back in power, even if they don’t have the most persuasive public speaker carrying their water.  It is safe once again for the world to crackdown on everything in our lives, and you know, finish the job that Obama started.

Maybe we can have two problems that are the greatest threat to our nation.  Because this week the teleprompter claimed that global warming is the biggest threat.  We haven’t recovered from the worst freeze Texas has seen for at least forty years, and already we’re supposed to be glum about global warming.  Apparently, little will change in Texas.  Nobody even wants to talk about the complete failure of windmills and solar panels in such an event, so they’re just going to “weatherize” some existing power stations and hope we don’t have blackouts this summer.

We’re hearing all kind of tough talk out of the Texas governor about addressing the situation at the border, but you can see current video of hundreds wading the Rio Grande right now.  There’s talk of finishing the wall, of sending all manner of law enforcement to the border to deal with the situation, but here they come, hundreds at a time.  They insist the only reason we balk at the idea of the entire population of the poverty-stricken masses entering our society is our xenophobia.  But have you seen what it’s like where these people come from?  Pick any of those countries.  Violence is an everyday occurrence.  The drug cartels murder everybody that gets in their way, at the drop of a hat.  Of course, there are shootouts, murders, kidnappings, constantly.

Maybe we’re concerned about people that have no compunction about the kind of brutality they’re used to where they come from.  Some of them may have been involved in it.  We’re supposed to have all kinds of empathy for people who are not wired the same way as people who’ve learned to operate in a civilized society.  Better not watch any of the crime shows on TV, or you might see evidence of the fact that many new arrivals have no conscience.  None.  Maybe there will be progress, but so far all we’ve heard is talk.  For Governor Abbot’s sake, there better be some progress.

They’re still screaming about the Coronavirus.  It cannot be allowed to rest.  No, we’re being told that we’ve already surpassed last year’s death toll.  Some universities and hospitals have announced that only those who can show proof of vaccination will be allowed on campus or at work.  Lawsuits will be flying, and already are.  It seems that there is no exemption even for those who’ve already had the sickness and recovered.  Has a study been done on them?  Apparently not.  Meanwhile, there are no exceptions!  At least not until some of these court cases play out.  Let’s hope the justices are not corrupt, something that we can’t take for granted these days.

Probably the biggest blow to the Corona scare squad has been the ignominy that has overtaken the good doctor responsible for much of the destructive insanity of the past year.  It’s amazing that it took this long to uncover some of his writings and communications.  He was pushing for these “gain of function” experiments that most reputable outlets now agree must have “escaped the lab.”  So Fauci is panicked.  What other explanation could there be for him proclaiming himself tantamount to “science.”

The damage done to our trust in “science” is enormous.  Science was supposed to be knowledge that was constantly tested.  We never knew one guy could just stand (started to say tall) and say that he is “science,” and therefore not to be trifled with.  But the revelations are coming, despite the so-called administration’s defenses and most of the mainstream media’s blindness.

There’s no point in worrying over the worst-case scenarios, and no doubt they would be permanently ruinous.  But they may well not get away with all that they plan.  They can do tremendous damage, and the deep state already has.  But it’s not over by a long shot.  We’re still here, and regardless of how often our devices tell us that “gay pride is UNIVERSAL,” that we long ago accepted that evolution is responsible for all that we are and all life that we see on earth, some of us still believe in God.  The global warming claim is about as trustworthy as when Al Gore said he invented the Internet.  They haven’t stamped us out and they won’t, no matter the proclamation or edict.  A little rebellion against the forces of evil may be required going forward.

Mark Armstrong