Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Commentary – February 12, 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

Hopefully this weekend will be remembered when the news media tries to tell us that 2016 has been the “hottest” year on record, as has become routine of late. A friend called from Minnesota this morning, saying that the temperature outside was -30 degrees. The northeast is about to get an arctic blast bringing sub zero temperatures to a vast region over the next couple of days. Can you imagine those suffering in such deadly conditions reminding themselves about the “scientific consensus” on global warming?

Interesting that this is the very week that the White House announced that they’re planning to allocate a $2 billion fund to help “vulnerable Alaskan communities” cope with rising sea levels on account of global warming. The pretense of measuring sea levels to precise hundredths of an inch is laughable and has been thoroughly discredited, but this administration is going to spend our money on this nonsense even if it breaks us. No doubt the friends and political supporters of our national destruction will be the ones to allocate the moneys, just as was the case in the government-funded, quickly bankrupted, clean energy scams. Recent polls show that most people no longer consider global warming or “climate change” to be legitimate concerns, but government continues to devour the earnings of future generations while telling us we’re all crazy. Perhaps dangerously so.

There is at least one positive development on this front. The Supreme Court this week put new EPA “emissions regulations” designed to shut down the coal industry on hold, at least until a pending lawsuit challenging the agency’s authority to issue industry-killing edicts can be heard. The Obama administration is shocked that the court would delay the imposition of this “climate-change” regulation. After all, they’re nearly out of time to save the planet!

The Europeans are all about saving the planet too, and so is the pope. Odd how they’re so concerned about saving the planet from a fictitious ruse but won’t even acknowledge their own role in the destruction of western civilization! Britain has all but surrendered itself to the demands of sharia law. Reports are out showing that three government buildings in London were financed by Islamic investors, and now must be monitored by Islamic clerics to insure strict adherence with the ban on alcohol which was part of the deal. So it appears that the British government has sold out and bowed to the dictates of sharia in this instance, among many others.

The influx of over one million Muslims continues the gnaw at the fabric of Europe, ginning up ever larger protests and angrier domestic sentiment. It is sure that a tremendous amount of crime is being covered up by the EU and host governments. It took nearly three weeks for the extent of the New Year’s assaults to be reported because the people responsible for allowing the rapacious heathens in knew the news would not accrue to their continued popularity. And it hasn’t.

Readers’ responses to the Muslim crime wave in Europe demonstrate the depth of anger that is building among Europeans. Of course the angry types are denounced as “far-right” and “neo-Nazis” by the pro-diversity media. But can you only imagine how it feels to have this situation playing out in the street below your apartment, or along your way to work?

How about the scene in the Columbus, Ohio restaurant where a Somoli Muslim started hacking diners with a machete? Police won’t release his identity, and Homeland Security won’t release his immigration history. It’s the same story where MS-13 gang members, recently admitted from central America as “refugee children” are committing murders and a host of other crimes. It just doesn’t fit with the “widows and orphans fleeing violence” line that we’ve been fed. So western governments have tampered with the truth and withheld information in the interests of what? There’s no chance that this same scenario is playing out in Europe and in the United States on account of empathy for the downtrodden. It is rather a concerted effort to destroy western civilization, and it looks to be succeeding.

The real dangers of a world war are still smoldering in the Middle East, with global players backing various factions. Iran has just been made fabulously wealthy by Barak Obama and John Kerry in concert with the United Nations, and been given a green light to go nuclear, if not just yet.

North Korea has nuclear weapons and ICBM’s capable of reaching halfway around the world. Hopefully they can’t yet put nukes on their missiles, but who knows?

The pope is well along in his mission to bring all religious factions into the Vatican orbit, as further demonstrated by his historic meeting with the Russian Patriarch this week. Let’s see, who hasn’t he gathered in yet?

Financial markets have been panic stricken with heavy losses, and banks, particularly European banks have lost value at an alarming pace.

It’s only natural to hold out some hope that new leadership might be able to repair some of the incalculable damage that has been done. But we will face much more in the months ahead. It is interesting that the leaders of eastern Europe have not gone along with EU policies on the flood of Muslims, and are questioning the wisdom of their involvement with the EU. There are hints of a revolt that could gain traction first in eastern Europe.

What an incredible mess! Strike that. An incredible series of messes that were completely avoidable. But here we are, up to our ears in foreign heathens, as if we didn’t have enough trouble already. For at least the next ten months, the troubles will be increased, culturally and economically, and even then it will be years before there is any hope of a return to sanity. In all likelihood, it’s way too late for Europe, too late for England and maybe the U. S. too.

Punishment for a multitude of sins is upon the western world, and we’d better turn our hearts toward Almighty God if there is to be any hope of escaping the tribulation that our leaders have unleashed.


Mark Armstrong