Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Commentary – 11 March 2022

March 11, 2022

Greetings from Tyler,

The war drums are being pounded in the mainstream media.  We see blown up buildings and stately old construction turned into rubble.  People are crossing rushing water on wooden planks, some of them carrying babies.  Pundits populate panels, wondering how bad it will get before we’re willing to risk touching off something much larger.  We’ve got nothing to say about any of it.  We can just hide and watch, disgusted and embarrassed about our supposed representation before the world.

The information wars are in full swing, and we don’t know who to believe.  Once upon a time we had confidence in our leaders and in the news media.  But now we hear that obnoxious cackle when our VP doesn’t know what else to say.  The record of the occupant isn’t very reassuring, particularly after some of the nonsense that came out of his mouth at his press conference this week.  You know, the one where he took no questions.

Today, the Russian delegation at the UN is trotting out information they hope will change the perception of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.  As people flee for their lives, Russia says there are bio labs in Eastern Ukraine, and they want to present proof.  The claim is that they were experimenting with bat viruses and dangerous pathogens, and Russia had to go in to prevent another worldwide pandemic, or whatever dangerous activity was being perpetrated at U. S. expense.

Others say, “Calm yourselves.”  Those massive facilities were simply there to dismantle Soviet era weapons from the Middle East or wherever they existed in years gone by.  Who are we going to believe?  We see the Putin regime, ravaging innocent civilians on the news.  But the “news” has become a joke.  After what they did to Trump, and their own “collusion” with Fauci and the CDC, it’s hard to swallow anything on faith.  Especially when delivered with such passionate concern.  We’ve seen it all before

Some in the fringe media have been having a field day with the disappearance of everybody’s favourite little doctor.  They’ve been wondering how his ego has been affected, as if he can’t get an appearance after having enjoyed near universal fame. But maybe he doesn’t want to appear anywhere, for fear he’ll be asked about stuff he never discussed while in the spotlight.  Like, what’s been going on at these massive facilities in Eastern Ukraine.  Why are they doing things in remote places we never heard of, that can’t be done right here at home.  If it’s dangerous and illegal to do this experimentation in the U. S. why would our money be used to do it over there?  Nobody even told us, certainly not the mainstream media.  Maybe Mr. too big for his britches really can’t get an interview anymore.

They’ve chased us around, fearmongering like there was no tomorrow for two years.  We were just beneath contempt of all those anchors and their experts, unless we ran somewhere and took the needle.  “We can do this,” they told us.  But if you don’t, prepare to be ruined.  It would have been miserable to rebel, and it was for the few who did.  Chances are they’d send a swat team.  That might be a slight exaggeration, but some examples were made.  The upshot of all this is, they’ve lost whatever trust they ever had.

We don’t know who to believe anymore.  The Trump/Russia story was bad enough, but then there was the Covid, and now we hesitate to listen let alone believe any of their fervent nonsense.

How Ukraine turns out is anybody’s guess.  It would be nice if it would just stop, but that doesn’t seem likely.  It would sure be nice if we weren’t back to the Cold War, when there was the possibility of nuclear war that hung over everyday life.  For all their “progress,” they’ve turned back the clock to a time thirty years ago.  We’re very impressed.

The people of Ukraine have tasted freedom, and they don’t need Vladimir telling them what to do.  We don’t need government agencies telling us what to do either, but we’re not going anywhere, regardless of what some media-driven poll says.

Suddenly, everything’s Putin’s fault.  Things that were in full swing before the invasion are now his doing.  Inflation is off the chart at historic levels.  Gas prices will make you stay home, and there’s now a scapegoat for the incomprehensible incompetence of this crew who despite everything is going to ram this nonsense down our throats, pretend to believe in it and try to ruin us if we don’t.  Regardless, we still can’t believe a word they say.