Mark Armstrong’s September 2015 Monthly Letter


September 15, 2015

Dear Members and Coworkers,

By now you’ve seen the throngs of young men flooding into Europe. Refugees? Really? Why are between 70 and 80% of them between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one? Cameras always try to focus on the women and children, but there are precious few amid the sea of swarthy males. Late word is that Germany, initially guilt ridden and welcoming due to some recent attacks against “refugee centers,” has realized that there are far more than can be accommodated and supported. They’ve shut down rail services that were bringing trainloads of them into Germany. Now they’ll back up into Austria and Hungary where we’ll undoubtedly be seeing more images illustrating “humanitarian crises.”

But the UN, the pope and U.S. president know what to do. They’ll be getting them onto our shores one way or the other, and won’t even tell us how many have come or where they’ve parked them. Yes, we’ve heard about the ten thousand the president wants to expedite into the U.S. But as the pope has said, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The be-robed little communist blames this invasion of Muslims into the Israelite nations of Europe and the United States on the “god of money.” There must be plenty of greedy brokers and traders who get rich at the expense of the “little guy.” Con men, Ponzi scheme operators and internet thieves are a dime a dozen. But how in the world does the invasion of Muslims into western societies attribute to the “god of money”?

We’re being set up. The pope knows that the rest of the world has followed the lead of the United States, printing un-backed currency to boost economic activity. History shows us that this leads ultimately to disaster. What happens when the world’s currencies no longer have value or confidence? Is that when he’ll unveil some new currency, perhaps electronic, perhaps backed by gold, which will require reverence to the Vatican, open borders policies and “saving the planet” from global warming? If this twerp isn’t the False Prophet, he must certainly be his fairy godfather. He may well promote himself as the soon coming “god of money,” and “god” of everything else to assist in the destruction of capitalism.

You’re aware that interest rates have been held at near zero for years now. Finally, the Fed is beginning to seriously discuss raising them somewhat in an effort to stem the explosive growth of national debt. But dire warnings are coming from all directions, most notably from Europe, that a rise in U.S. interest rates will mean a worldwide financial collapse. You’ve seen wild market volatility in recent weeks, and devastating losses in the Asian markets due to China’s “devaluation” policies, which in effect is flooding its own economy with devalued currency.

Who in the world still respects or fears the United States? NOBODY. Not China, not Russia, not North Korea, not Iran, not Europe, and in the case of respect, not even Israel. The American military has been gutted of knowledgeable, experienced commanders. “Yes men,” and a bunch of “gay” and lesbian officers have replaced them. The top priority of the American military has become social experimentation, and gay, lesbian and trans-gender promotion. The Bible has become virtual contraband, even for the Chaplains.

Obama has shown the world his own limp wrist, and the message is loud and clear. The United States and its allies, with the possible exception of Israel, no longer represent morality and will not respond to even the most extreme of provocations. Those provocations are now coming from all directions, with not so much as an acknowledgement let alone a response.

North Korea has engaged in exchanges of fire and shelling across the DMZ with South Korea where thirty odd thousand U.S. troops remain deployed. The crazed little dwarf with perhaps the world’s worst haircut has just put the world on notice that they have full ICBM capability and are ready to strike the United States in the event of hostilities.

China has stationed warships offshore Alaska. Russia routinely violates sovereign airspace around the U.S., and that of Great Britain and northern European nations. Iran threatens the United States and Israel almost daily, even as the U.S. president and his constituents in Congress force through the nuclear “deal” that is adamantly opposed by a vast majority of Americans. Now North Korea threatens to “nuke” the United States and has the where-with-all to carry it out. Many may have forgotten that North Korea participated in the same UN sponsored dog and pony show with the IAEA, inspections, limitations and so forth, that Iran just signed up for. How many unhinged lunatics get to field an arsenal of nuclear weapons atop intercontinental ballistic missiles before they can either blackmail the west into submission or hit major targets with unimaginable devastation and loss of life?

Not since the darkest days of the Cold War, or the Cuban missile crisis, have we seen a more dangerous set of circumstances worldwide. We have a president who seems to be on everybody’s side but the American people, and the powerful agencies he controls are hard at work to alter the very definition of who the American people are.

They’ve crammed ignorant, diseased criminals into our midst. Now Muslims, potential terrorists, are going to continue crowding in. We’re supposed to make them all “equal” with those who’ve worked all their lives to make a home and support their families, welcome their heathen beliefs and practices into our midst. If not, we must be a nation of bigots. The one admitted socialist candidate for the presidency says that America was racist in its founding. The United States is getting what the president, the pope and the UN believes it deserves. A healthy dose of “black liberation theology,” “social justice,” homosexual dominance, abortion on demand (even for full-term babies), turning the most heinous of sins into politically correct righteousness, and Godly beliefs and practices into hateful bigotry.

Most people still don’t understand. All the blessings of freedom and prosperity enjoyed by western nations and the United States came from obedience and worship of the one true Creator God, not the result of “unfairness” or some accident of history. We come from the lineage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel. Modern day Israel should more accurately be called Judah. That might have made it simpler to grasp that there are still eleven other tribes of Israel unaccounted for. Twelve actually, if you account for Joseph’s sons of Ephraim and Manasseh, they having received the special blessing and “birthright” from their grandfather Jacob.

But that truth has been lost. It’s actually considered “Christian identity” religion and branded as “racist” even by Protestants. The pope has already rounded up most of the prominent Protestant leaders in the United States. They’ve already acquiesced to the “gay-Christian” theme. They already hold the primary Catholic doctrines as faith, such as the “trinity,” Christmas, Easter, Sunday, etc. You think an anti-American, anti-God president has overrun us? Wait ’till you see what the pope is about to do when “his Phoniness” takes America by storm! God’s warnings to Israel apply to northern Europe, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and have already been visited upon South Africa. We’re all finding out He meant what He said.

If we, and our peoples don’t get a clue, repent of our personal and national sins but quick, we’ll be overrun by our enemies, destroyed in our economy, and living the way the heathen were before they got here. Not only that, but the Vatican will be in control of all finance and demand that the pope be regarded as God’s authority on earth, probably in the wake of some unimaginable devastation. Rather than worrying about what we’ll do then, maybe we should consider what we’ll do NOW.





Mark Armstrong

P.S. This letter comes early due to the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles beginning September 28. An additional HDO envelope has been included for the Day of Atonement, Wednesday, September 23.