Dear Members and Coworkers,                                      October 26, 2020

It’s a strange time to write a letter. By the time it gets to you, the future of the United States of America for the foreseeable future may have already been determined. On the other hand, if the corrupt media has its way, we may be locked in legal battles that go on beyond all historical precedents. We’ve never told anyone how to vote, or whether to vote. It wouldn’t make a dime’s worth of difference if we did, but we don’t. Last week a call came in asking our church’s position, and the answer is that we simply don’t issue edicts (as other “churches” have done) as to whether or how anyone decides to participate. 

If one should consider such participation to be “worldly,” they should probably let their conscience be their guide. On the other hand, some believe that they should do what they can to either preserve something that was prophesied anciently and has fulfilled promises that God made to Abraham. Others might point out that the United States has strayed, culturally, so far from its founding principles that it’s just not worth saving. The alternative is a “great reset,” not just for America, but for the entire world. The formerly respected Time magazine has just devoted a whole issue to it. 

Those pushing for global standards, global regulations and laws, have big plans for we Americans. First, we not only need to be punished on the basis of “systemic racism,” we need to be herded into a global system of governance that will abolish the Constitution and the rights that Americans have casually taken for granted. They’re not guaranteed anymore. Many of those rights have been curtailed already on the basis of “the virus.” The governor will decide when it’s safe to go outside again, or if it will ever be safe to go back to church again, or out to eat, or have friends over, or even go back to work!

If somebody had told you this time last year that the largest, (formerly) most economically powerful states in the Union would be in a state of authoritarian “lock-down” for a period of ten months and counting, you’d have never believed it. First of all, it runs contrary to every Constitutional right thought by our Founding Fathers to be Divinely conferred upon all mankind, but guaranteed by the supreme law of the land in the United States. 

We’ve known that various nations hate the fact that we are free. In the Middle East, large rallies take place where they chant “death to America” and “death to Israel.” They believe it’s wrong for mankind to have freedom, and that we should all suffer the universal authority of Islam enforced in the streets by offended religious zealots. It has been going on in the streets of Tehran for decades. With religious and cultural zealots having flooded Europe, they’ve claimed territory and fanned out on the streets in various locations. We’ve seen many examples, the most recent being in Paris where a teacher was decapitated on a city street by one of the “enforcers” screaming his predictable cry. He undoubtedly thought he’d be immediately transported to the Islamic beatific vision to enjoy his reward. Instead, they hauled his riddled corpse to the morgue. But his crime played out on a public street in Paris, of all places.

We only watch the mainstream media in small doses in order to see what they’re saying, and even that’s not easy. You may be surprised to learn that all who resent their Constitutional rights being trampled and reject the claim that “the virus is setting records every day,” are guilty of mass murder according to mainstream media sources. If we’d only get our mask straps around our ears we’d save hundreds of thousands of lives by the end of the year. Otherwise you’re GUILTY, potentially of mass murder. 

If you’d seen some of the most obscene rants, you’d know that people who hope to salvage the American way of life, and therefore have little use for the homosexual parade of mainstream media, need to be arrested, prosecuted and banned from participation as the globalists build a new culture, a new economy and a new global order. “Why does the President want to kill off his supporters?” the media demands to know. How dare these huge rallies continue to take place? Don’t people realize these are “super-spreader” events? There’s no doubt in the gay, but ever-so-educated prime-time lineup. President Trump, they claim, is willing to sacrifice his own enthusiastic supporters to the dreaded virus just to maintain his grip on power. What’s the matter with everybody? Didn’t they just find out that last week was the “most contagious and most deadly” week yet? It’s the second wave! The mainstream is very concerned about our health and safety, and determined to instill another healthy dose of FEAR into the population. 

We don’t know how we got away with observing the Feast of Tabernacles this year, it might have been answered prayer. Thankfully governor De Santos of Florida determined that the threat was considerably less than what the media was selling and dropped all “Corona Virus mandates” just in time for us to have a normal Feast celebration in Panama City Beach. A CNN anchor would have shed queer tears if they could have seen the gathering of people, greeting each other as normal, exchanging handshakes and hugs. There were some masks, mind you.  But as nearly everybody knows by now, masks DO NOT PROTECT the wearer (contrary to the mass misconception). Usually the media quotes the CDC the way preachers quote the Bible. But this little tidbit of information from the CDC has largely escaped media attention. Masks may help if the wearer is infected, but there have been no scientific studies that would lead to that conclusion. It’s just common sense! Put your mask on before somebody calls the cops!

News has been so geared to the election that hardly anyone noticed when the Middle East peace initiative welcomed another nation to the party. That’s right, Sudan decided it was in its best interest to sign on to the growing band of nations making peace with Israel. “Blessed are the peacemakers,” said Jesus in the sermon on the mount. I guess we’ll see if that pronouncement applies to a situation like this one. The little detail of Sudan being one more of the Muslim nations to sign onto peace with Israel and trade with the United States was one for which the mainstream had little time. 

What does it matter, if we’re all going to die from the Chinese virus? What does it matter if the whole world is about to go through a “great reset” where private property is allowed, but regulations and mandates will determine what everyone can and can’t do, and when they can’t do it. 

We may not speak for you, but we don’t want any global governance that is not administered by God Almighty. God’s mandates are ignored and regarded as bigoted, even by many “churches.” But the Bible predicts a time of global governance, when no man can buy or sell without satisfying the MANDATES of “experts.” Some of us are sick to death of being lectured by people who lie to us for our own good. We don’t plan on being citizens of any global government until God sets up His kingdom. Period.  

It seems that several of my Dad’s sermons would be appropriate for this most unusual time in modern history. The one we’ve chosen is entitled A Question of Government, and we hope you’ll agree that it’s just what is needed at a time like this. Thanks to all who support a work that is still crying aloud at a time when it’s becoming increasingly dangerous. We won’t quit. 

Mark Armstrong