Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter to Members and Co workers – 23 February 2017

23 February 2017

Dear Members and Coworkers,

We constantly hear that protest is at the heart of American liberty.  You can’t access any form of current media information without seeing uncountable instances of shouting throngs with a forest of hand-painted placards decrying some social-injustice or other.  Mostly though, they’re just expressing outrage that a brash, no-nonsense New Yorker won the presidency on a platform of preserving what’s left of a badly damaged republic.  How “racist” and bigoted is that?

When the founders wrote of the citizens’ right to “petition the government,” it is doubtful they envisioned the kind of unintelligible shriek-fest that is becoming the hallmark of every public meeting.  We probably need to try to understand where all the frustration is coming from.  The far-left socialist, communist wannabe, pro-green, pro-gay open-borders advocates thought they’d won the battle to “transform” the United States into a self-loathing nation anxious to repay its debt to the third world for having been so insensitive to have become vibrant and prosperous.  How dare a predominantly “white” society enjoy freedom and relative safety while most of the world’s population exists amid grinding poverty and crime?

They were sure they’d not only won the battle, but the war itself.  After all, they had the presidency (in perpetuity, they thought), half the Congress, half the Supreme Court, nearly all the educational institutions, the mainstream media, Hollywood, the music industry, the legal and illegal aliens and legions of ready and able protesters.  Their work was done, and that would be the end of the United States as an economic powerhouse and dominant world power.  They could sneer at American history, excoriate the founding fathers as slave-owning racists and shame the rest of the bitter clingers into submission by all the coercive power they’d amassed.

The only “fair” thing to do, going forward, would be to obey the humble edicts of the socialist pontiff from Argentina, just like Europe has done.  That would mean bringing crime and poverty into the bosom of the western world, denying the cold realities of terror and criminal activity that are the inevitable result.  The leaders of Europe and the EU are attempting to deny that their “welcome” to refugees from every third world, crime and terrorist-ridden desert of north Africa and the Middle East has not caused any distress or increase in crime.

President Trump made the “mistake” of mentioning “what’s going on in Sweden” in one of his recent speeches.  That brought out the Swedish Prime Minister who scolded the president for not being more careful in his rhetoric.  An attractive Swedish reporter, based in the United States went on national television to claim that there is no evidence that immigration has had any effect on crime statistics.  “Crime rates have fallen since the immigrants arrived,” was her position.  It was funny, but no laughing matter, that inside of twenty four hours after the Swedish representatives denied that there was any connection between immigration and crime, Stockholm’s Muslim no-go zone erupted in riot.  Volvos and Saabs were torched in their parking places.  When police dared to try to apprehend a suspected drug dealer, masked men converged to do battle.  One policeman was so bold as to fire a warning shot, but reports say it didn’t work.  The riotous crowd only grew larger and more aggressive.

But alas, it was just an unfortunate coincidence, said the mainstream.  Such instances are not unknown, but they are fairly rare, say Swedish officials.  What else would they dare say?  One thing they don’t have in Sweden is freedom of speech.  It’s a prosecutable crime to say something that may be deemed insulting to any group defined by race or religion in Sweden.  No public figure, reporter or police officer is about to go on the record with a complaint about the immigrant population!  To do so would be career suicide, if not a criminal offense, even if true.  But enough about Sweden, already.  That nation has already realized what a self-inflicted blight it’s brought about, and dramatically cut its influx of “refugees.”  Other than an example of the rewards of unwarranted self-righteousness, what difference could any of this possibly make?

For that matter, what difference are all the protesters clogging our news reports making?  You might think, not much.  Until you realize that they’ve got the full backing of the most, humble pontiff himself.  He addressed not only “all Christians,” but “all people of good will” this week saying, “it is for us to live and act at this moment…”  He went on to talk about the “grave responsibility” we have to the refugee crisis he helped create.  His thinly veiled accusation was, to refuse resettlement of (Muslim) refugees equals “dehumanization which would be hard to reverse.”  Nobody said they weren’t human, just that they’re not civilized by western standards, and their religion demands our conversion or death.  But then that might be deemed hate speech in Europe.  You wouldn’t dare point out passages of the Koran or the Hadith that spell out the realities of the “religion of peace.”

As our readers know, we weren’t about to submit to the tenets of Islam, or to “gay” marriage, or suborned “science” on “climate change,” or trans-gender demands, or the lies about our national strength lying in multiculturalism anyway.  Our “Judeo-Christian” values; our Thanksgiving to God for His fulfilled promise to Abraham for his trust and obedience; our recognition of God’s hand in the creation of the British Empire and the founding of the United States of America as a blessing to all the nations of the earth; all our beliefs long predate the emergence of Donald Trump on the political scene.

No, we’re not racists or white-supremacists.  The New Testament opens up the opportunity to be the “sons of Abraham” to people of all races and nationalities, and we certainly respect that and always have throughout our traceable organizational history that dates back to the 1930’s.

Though there may be policies and rhetoric that fall in line with our love of country and the sentiments that made a great nation, we recognize that the world is a mighty complicated, dangerous place, populated by lunatics with powerfully destructive military might.  President Trump seems, even by the admission of his most virulent critics, to be trying to assemble the most, sober, experienced and knowledgeable team available to deal with nuclear North Korea, a belligerent, threatening Iran, a militarized China creating islands festooned with missiles way out in the South China Sea, a provocative Russia, challenging territorial waters, buzzing U. S. military vessels with warplanes, and so on.

When you factor those pressing threats in, then take a look at the fractured, war torn Middle East, with all its historic internal hatreds and universal hatred of Israel, you know that negotiating peace is beyond anything that may have been encountered in getting approval for golf resorts, condo developments or hotels.  No disrespect toward President Trump is intended, and we wish him Godspeed in his efforts to restore some semblance of identity with the concept of Law, which after all, comes originally from God Almighty.  But some of man’s hatreds and cruel intentions come from a spiritually evil source, and are way beyond presidential authority.  Only the Savior Himself will be able to intervene to save this world from the nightmarish troubles the future has in store.


Mark Armstrong

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