Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter – October 2019

October 25 20, 2019

Dear Members and Coworkers,

Having just returned from the Feast of Tabernacles and visiting all five of our U. S. locations, there are some observations to share. One is that the airlines are promoting homosexuality. It was impossible to avoid the large 3×5 foot poster in the Delta skyway from the terminal to the aircraft. The whole segment of the narrow passage was plastered with beautiful hi-res photography posters. One said, “This is what adventure looks like.” Another read, “This is what fun looks like,” or words to that effect. All good, inspiring stuff until you come upon the one that says, “This is what comfort looks like,” and it’s two homosexual men cuddling on a sofa. There was a real temptation to say something at the airplane door, but then again, it was imperative that the next destination be reached. However, something was said to the nearest gentleman in line, and he agreed. This stuff is being forced upon us from every direction, including the mainstream media.

It’s one of those beloved sacred cows, one of the great sacraments of modern society that you must not resist, lest you be labeled a “homophobe” (meaningless made up term which means you’re afraid of “same”) a racist or just a plain old “hater.” It’s a pejorative in the dictionary of woke parlance, and you’re expected to accept the criticism and just quiet down or expect to be targeted. All this effeminate “gay” activity is condemned throughout the Bible, Old Testament and New. But the churches have caved. Some of the most orthodox promote very queer and lesbian priests. Parishioners better hope they washed their hands before handling those wafers.

We’re being conditioned to SUBMIT on so many levels it’s ridiculous. Before you get on an airplane, you must submit to treatment as a potential terrorist. There’s a blue shirted “agent” barking orders about emptying your pockets, removing your belt, your shoes, your jacket so they can scan you through your clothes with your hands over your head and legs spread. As you walk out of the naked scanner, there’s another “agent” standing in your way, feet more that shoulder width apart, elbows out and flexed. You don’t proceed until he pats you down further or allows you to proceed.

Where’s your wallet? You had to part with that and put it through with everything else you brought to be dutifully x-rayed on a conveyor belt. But they might have a look inside that too. Any hint of irritation or lack of cooperation and you might be escorted elsewhere for further examination. We wouldn’t want to miss our flight, would we? They’ve got you by the unmentionables, in more ways than one. Constitutionally guaranteed protections just don’t apply at the checkpoints. You are not secure in your person or your papers, from which you’ve been relieved at the conveyor.

Finally reaching a destination, you might want to relax and catch up on the day’s events. “Impeachment, impeachment! Abuse of power, quid-pro-quo, whistle-blower!” Make that whistle-blowers plural, private testimony in a Capitol basement SCIF for a secret impeachment. “What happens when the president is investigated for high crimes and misdemeanors?” Watch CNN. They’ll tell you. They’ve got a plethora of pouting “anchors,” giddy at the prospect of kicking the president out of the White House, if it’s the last thing they do. Getting rid of Donald J. Trump is their highest aspiration, and they can’t believe he’s slipped through so many allegations unscathed. If they get their way, his supporters won’t be so lucky. They’ve just got to eradicate him so they can commence to come after us. I call them the pit diggers according to the Proverb that perfectly describes what they’ve been doing for nearly three years now. May they fall into their own pit, just as the Proverb says.

Networks try to pass off two-year old file footage as Syrians bombing the Kurds. They accuse Trump of abandoning our most faithful ally in the Middle East. Oops, that was nighttime footage from an Army practice range in Kentucky. You think they’d have ever fessed up had they not been caught and publicly exposed? Not likely.

Our last Twenty First Century WATCH cover featured the mass protests raging in Hong Kong. It’s still going on day after day and has been for several months now. Hong Kong is due to come under the full control of the red Chinese dictatorship in the year 2047. I asked the crowd in Lake Tahoe if they thought we had that long, and heads shook all over the room. From all indications, it looks like every entity in our society has its price. Apparently, they think that pushing the global warming scam, homosexual supremacy and hatred toward America and its history is good for business.

What are we supposed to do? Stay quiet? Pretend not to notice? Act like it’s all good and go with the flow? Unfortunately, that’s just not in the cards for God’s church. We’re admonished to “Cry aloud” and “spare not” in a witness and warning. What else are we to be doing? If we can’t stand up and be counted at a time like this, how in the world do we think we’ll be able to stand against the kind of dictatorial edicts, where no man can buy or sell unless he takes the Mark of the Beast? If not now, when? At least we still have Constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and freedom of association. Those are not government issued rights, those are God-given rights as our founders expressed so eloquently. If we don’t make use of them while they remain, what will we do when they’ve been overrun by the loud and proud socialists who would crush us?

It was not nearly so apparent, even under the leadership of Obama. Then there was some pretense of fealty to our precious Constitution. That pretense has evaporated. Those who would rule over us are nauseatingly vocal about what they would demand and what they would ban. They’ve got some pretty impressive crowds chanting, “The Green New Deal.” They’re not shy about their dictatorial plans. They’re full throated in their disdain for the USA and Americans who love it. They want to outlaw oil explorationand production, ban fracking. California is at the forefront, trying its best to price “non-renewable” energy out of existence. If it breaks your back, too bad. They’re “saving the planet” at your expense, have a nice day.

They’ve got the solution to the difficult problem of overthrowing our system of law and economics. The perfect storm was envisioned decades ago by university professors Cloward and Piven. The key to overthrowing capitalism in the United States was to “overload the system.” You don’t suppose that has anything to do with the fact that they cry crocodile tears for the masses crossing our borders? Yeah, we’re all a bunch of racists if we don’t want the nation swamped with foreigners who don’t speak english and don’t much like us. We need to pay for their transportation, food, housing and constant needs. Any reluctance? You might be a racist xenophobe. Probably homophobic too, in the proverbial basket of “deplorables.” How about that? The computer doesn’t even recognize the term deplorables as a proper word in the english language. But that’s what all those who would turn us against our own country, and against the Laws of God, do best. They pervert the language to fit their needs to shame us into submission. May they fail miserably and fall in the pit they’ve dug for our President and all patriotic Americans. We worship God, not some sick, corrupt, government bureaucracy.


Mark Armstrong

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