Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter – October 2018

October 22, 2018

Dear Members and Coworkers,

The President calls it a national emergency. It’s the understatement of the decade. The national emergency is already here! It’s in every public place you’d rather not visit. The hospital, for instance. If you want an eye opener, try a visit to the waiting room at the hospital. See how many even speak our language. Try the drivers license office. How about the public park in a small rural town?

Is it racist to notice, or heaven forbid to say anything about it? Or are we supposed to go about our business as if nothing is happening? Well it’s happening and it’s going to keep happening on account of our boundless empathy for all those who’ve expected corrupt socialist/communist GOVERNMENTS to take care of them. The results are obvious. They want out of their poverty-stricken, murder ridden countries. They’re bringing their “culture” here.

The results are already beyond visible in every city in the state of California. So called “sanctuary cities” in the “sanctuary state” are teeming with homeless. They’ve resorted to highly-paid hazmat teams to try to clean up the human waste, the needles and garbage in downtown areas and on the city streets. Because they’re so full of righteous caring for the poor, it wouldn’t be fair to deprive criminals of access to the general public.

Check out the murders that have recently been reported in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento. The perpetrators are clearly not indigenous, nor have they assimilated. They’ve brought their desperately criminal cultures with them. They’re killing each other and anybody else that gets in their way. Ever see LIVE PD? A very large percentage of the wrecks, the stolen cars, the cars with stolen license plates, are people who speak little or no English. If they have ID it belongs to someone else. But they usually run, even when confronted by numerous police. They continue to fight even after they’ve been brought to the ground by three or four officers.

But the courts say, no, they mustn’t be deported. That would be cruel and unconstitutional. Turns out, the Constitution applies to everybody BUT Americans. Last week Yale University released a long-overdue study which announced that the number of illegal aliens is double the number (11,000,000) everybody’s been quoting for the last 20 years. Now they claim we’ve got at least 22 million and that’s probably a vast underestimation too. It looks like it’s permanent, and if that’s the case the United States is doomed. There’s no way law enforcement can begin to cope with the influx of desperate foreigners and the crimes they commit, whether out of need or greed. If they should take concerted action at some point…

The “caravan” headed our way is reported to have grown to 14,000 and another one 2,000 strong is also gathering at the time of this writing. The Border Patrol says they’ve arrested 12,700 in the past three weeks. Detention facilities are full to overflowing and vast numbers have already been released pending “asylum” hearings they’ll never attend.

Is it just a freak coincidence that America is undergoing a third world invasion on the heels of the one Angela Merkel and the pope engineered for Europe? Merkel may have sealed her own political doom, as Germans and Austrians realize the atmosphere has been irrevocably altered. The pope made acceptance of the “wayfarers” in their midst a “Christian” imperative, even though the “immigrants” are everything but “Christian.” Maybe we’ll find out eventually whether the pope’s influence and the dominance of the Catholic “church” in Central America had something to do with organizing and financing the invasion.

Europe hasn’t been able to cope with the onslaught from Africa and the Middle East. Instead, what they’ve done is to banish information on the heinous crimes and who commits them. If the crimes are reported, and they are legion in Germany, Norway, Sweden, France and the UK, some deceptive description of the suspect is given.

Europe is wrecked and will soon find out what happens when the Muslim population reaches critical mass. The United States is undergoing a massive shift in demographics, and seemingly everybody but President Trump is making sure nothing gets done about it. The onslaught is of Biblical proportions. Third-world populations are

flooding western civilization. They’ve flooded Australia, the picturesque villages and towns of Europe and now America. Given the combination of political correctness and socialism it’s only a matter of time until western civilization crumbles under the weight of the surging masses.

What do all these people expect when they get here? They expect to be sheltered, fed and given their slice of the American dream. What happens when their expectations fail to materialise? Desperation will dictate that they take what they want or need. Just like so many on LIVE PD. You may notice that the hosts NEVER so much as say the words “illegal immigrant,” even when it’s obvious that’s the whole explanation for the violent episode. No, that might get them thrown off the air.

We saw the United States being sold down the drain to the UN, Climate Change treaties and international tribunals by the last vain, impudent president and rationally concluded that all was lost. It was said in many of these letters and Weekly Updates that it would take a miracle to save the United States from the choreographed “transformation,” especially given the fact that Hollywood, nearly all educational institutions and the vast majority of mainstream information outlets were fully engaged in the deception designed to keep us ignorant and quiet.

A lot of fervent prayers must have been heard, because a miracle was granted, and that was the election of a man who’d previously shown little inclination toward conservative principles, let alone a reverence of God. He didn’t mince words or bow to politically correct dogma. The deep state, populated by the last president and one or two before him, went into overdrive. You could have read the New York Times, Washington Post or watched an hour, any hour of CNN or a host of mainstream networks and concluded that he’d be charged, prosecuted and run out of office a year and a half ago.

But that hasn’t happened, has it? Even with all the corruption within the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA and a half dozen other agencies, they’ve only managed to expose themselves to the fraction of the population willing to look beyond the mainstream outlets and social media conglomerates. But alas, Donald Trump is still president and Hillary isn’t.

Maybe it was a double miracle. Not only was he elected President, he has turned the Obama transformation on its head. But in many cases his orders have been overturned by activist judges trying to protect the Obama “legacy,” such as it is. For those who love America for the life it’s provided here and for the blessing it’s been to all the world, there’s been much to applaud. But the strong economy and good job numbers cannot save this country from the third world onslaught we’re witnessing. It seems another series of miracles will be needed if our progeny are to have any semblance of the blessings we’ve enjoyed. More prayers are desperately needed. It looks insurmountable, but then it did two years ago too.


Mark Armstrong

PS. The CD offer this month is the GTA sermon “What Is The Work?”