Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter – November 2019

Dear Members and Coworkers,                                                                                                                  November 21, 2019

Our annual Thanksgiving holiday will probably be in the rear view mirror by the time you receive this letter, but we’ll hopefully be still be in the glow of this wonderful, historically significant American institution. God granted our predecessors safe passage, survival, plentious food and cordial relations with indigenous peoples against all odds, and they had the good sense to acknowledge His guiding Hand and designate a Day of Thanksgiving to honor His gracious mercy. Whether they realized they had a part in fulfilling His Divine plan, dating back to the days of Abraham is doubtful. But we are without excuse. We hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the trimmings, the warmth of loving family and friends and the realization that none of the fabulous blessings we enjoy are the result of accident or our own efforts. But we’ve got problems, nevertheless.

Surely there are those thrust in our faces by an illegitimate mainstream media, who promise to make everything FREE. At the same time they promote open borders and unlimited immigration. The government would then place us all under mandates to help “save the planet” with all manner of mandates (and bans), after which everyone will live happily ever after. You know, the way they do in the nations that adopted their socialist/communist ideology in decades past. They’re playing to a whole generation mired in student-loan debt, and a culture that has been “educated” to believe they’re entitled to the wealth that others worked to achieve. The mainstream media, the educational institutions and most large corporations are pushing this unworkable agenda as a matter of policy. Since they believe that government authority is the solution to every problem, and they don’t believe in the God of creation and of the Bible, you can probably bet that they’d outlaw Thanksgiving too. They would certainly abolish our freedom, which is the greatest blessing of all.

For weeks, mainstream attention has focused heavily on the impeachment hearings, designed to chase President Trump out of the White House so they can get back to the business of destroying Western civilization. The news media has been so incredibly dishonest as to report the exact opposite of what has occurred in those hearings. When testimony is shown to be the result of “assumptions,” or “suppositions,” or hear-say, the mainstream media pretends not to notice. They breathlessly report falsehoods, apparently in the hope that most of their audience is too busy or too uninformed to notice. They’ve spent nearly three years trotting out one left-wing fanatic after another to say they’d never seen anything to compare with the language, the behavior, the racism and xenophobia of President Trump.

Well, we’ve never seen such willful, blatant fraudulent reporting, ever. If you’ve ever wondered how in the world the deception indicated for the end time could possibly occur, we’re getting the answer. The mainstream networks and outlets hate Donald Trump, the Constitutional underpinnings of United States, and all those who believe in God, our own history and Bible prophecy. A war is raging against President Trump because he is seen by the would-be socialists as a major impediment in their plan to brainwash our kind and implement their version of omnipotent governance.

In fact all their machinations have blown up in their faces! Yet they appear not to have noticed, and hope that at least some in their audience don’t know any better. Even their impeachment hearings have gone terribly, but they race out and breathlessly report, “Bad news for Trump,” even after their carefully chosen witnesses have been embarrassed and destroyed for all the world to see, if the world only had time or the intestinal fortitude to listen to what actually has happened. The FAKE, FRAUDULENT infotainment industry has embarrassed itself so many times in recent years, it would take several pages to relate all the bombshell reporting that proved to be inaccurate. But last week and this one may have surpassed everything that’s come before, combined. The ABC radio network news breaks have been absolutely insufferable to anyone who’s actually informed. The evening panelists on cable news, sometimes as many as ten of them, sit around reassuring each other that every ill suspicion they’ve floated about you know who has been confirmed by under-oath testimony. If you actually watched and listened you know that their beloved second and third-hand “witnesses” were dismantled in real time. But they apparently didn’t see what you did, and they come on as the intelligent, well-connected experts.

It’s getting to the point that you might as well suspect that the truth is diametrically opposed to the mainstream news. They lie without conscience in a concerted effort to depose the President, except they’ve got a good idea that they won’t actually succeed in removing him from office. What they will do is “impeach” him on false pretenses, only to have the case lose or be thrown out. Then (and this is what they expect to get away with) the media will rarely mention his name without reminding us that he was impeached. Maybe that will help them beat him next time around. But if not, at least they’ll be able to remind us every day that he was IMPEACHED, and therefore stained with dishonor.

Meanwhile, the world has not stopped turning. The world’s troubles are not at rest. In Hong Kong, protests have grown more violent as the citizens wrestle with the reality that China is already beginning to trample their freedoms.

In Israel, they’ve indicted Netanyahu criminally in a bid to drive him from public life. You know, he was in receipt of cigars and champagne from a visiting head of state, so he’s just got to go.

Never mind that he’s been a fantastic Prime Minister, and a wonderful friend and ally of the United States. He apparently accepted gifts. If their news is as corrupt as ours, they probably have the Israeli public believing he’s a thief, regardless of evidence or explanation.

We’re willing to bet you haven’t caught wind of the spate of bombings and shootings in Denmark too. They’ve been unable to track down the culprits in most of these cases, and there are many. But when they do, they claim to have arrested “two Swedes.” Really? Funny, they didn’t publish their names or photographs. I guess perfectly normal Swedish citizens have gone to Denmark to bomb restaurants and tax offices and to set cars on fire. The news is out there, as you’ll see if you take the time to look it up. But our mainstream news is not interested, period.

Italy has been hit with another surge in arrivals from North Africa and the Middle East. Even Muslims are pulling their kids out of schools because, well because it’s no longer an environment where anything can be learned. Apparently Italy is content to become a bastion of the third world, which will happen in one generation at the rate things are going, and with the careless policies in place.

And that brings us to Christmas. Here we go again with the clanging, ho, ho, ho, non-stop jangling crush. No doubt lights are already being strung all over the neighborhood, along with inflatable Santas and reindeer that seem to pivot and lower their heads to feed on the neighbor’s grass. That just may be one of the biggest deceptions ever foisted upon an unsuspecting public, and they revel in the joy of giving and receiving gifts. I’m sure people mean well, and no doubt we’d love and and get along fine with most of them. But unfortunately, they are celebrating on the basis of a great deception. We thought it would be a good time to offer, The Birth of Christ by Garner Ted Armstrong. It’s a tremendous story, but it’s not Xmas. You might even consider sharing it with a friend.

With thanks,

Mark Armstrong