Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter – January 2015

January 27, 2015

Dear Members and Coworkers,

It is amazing to realize how many important events leading toward fulfillment of the end-time prophetic scenario have transpired just since our last monthly letter. Some of these things are playing out in such rapid succession, we almost grow numb to the onslaught of bad news. This time last month the Paris massacre had not yet occurred. Cities all over Europe had not yet begun the series of raids leading to the arrests of terrorist plotters. Yemen had not yet fallen into anarchy (again) at the hands of Iranian backed militants. As far as anybody knew Yemen was still the shining example, perhaps the only one, of the current administration’s version of a foreign policy success story in the Middle East. You know, of course, that all of Yemen’s government officials have resigned and anarchy now reigns as Shiite and Sunni militias continue to battle each other.

If you’ve been tuned in to the developments in the Middle East and in Europe, you know that a recitation of details on all these matters could justifiably go on and on. But another shoe has dropped on the EU equation, and it won’t be the last.

How long will it take for the European Union to crack up completely, and what might Europe look like in its aftermath? Those questions don’t sound particularly sensational in light of current developments. Greece, having spent itself into socialist oblivion, was one of the first economic basket cases to require bail-out loans from the EU. Nearly everybody worked for the government, one way or the other, and the government was broke. But the money came with lots of strings attached under terms known as “austerity measures.” The whole arrangement has been a bitter pill to Greeks, having lost economic sovereignty and still suffering under constraints of the EU bailout.

Now Greece has elected a “far-left Socialist party” known as Syriza. It had its beginning as a protest movement, and includes an array of socialists, communists, “green” zealots, and “euro-skeptics.” The concern now is whether Greece will renounce its membership in the EU, or repay debts that have been financed primarily by Germany. We don’t yet know whether Greece will exit the European Union. But we do know that it is not the only nation to bow up against financial constraints imposed by the EU.

The UK Telegraph published an article in the wake of the Greek election, How the European Dream is Dying, State by State. It demonstrates the dramatic fall in the popularity of the EU in nations all over Europe, and warns that Greece may be only the first in a growing succession of nations to reject policies that prop up the euro without regard for the dire circumstances that have been created.

But that’s not the only thing driving anti-EU sentiment across Europe. The Muslim situation is also out of control, and since the Paris massacre only a couple of weeks ago, it is an even bigger issue than before. While our news networks contort themselves over what constitutes a “no-go zone” in the suburbs of Paris, and how dare some expert on terrorism libel the city’s reputation, Europeans seem to finally be opening their eyes to the downside of multiculturalism. It turns out that when an imported culture demands submission from the host nationality, or they’ll murder everybody, multicultural utopia starts to become unpopular. Who knew?

While Europeans (if not their governments) appear to be starting to come to grips with the enormity of the problems and immediate dangers associated with the unassimilated Muslim population in their midst, something else has become abundantly clear. The United States’ leadership, at least for the next two years, will not so much as acknowledge Muslim plans for the western world let alone take decisive preventative action. We can’t (or won’t) even get the attention of ISIS!

Yemen is on the southern border of Saudi Arabia, where King Abdullah just died. Saudi Arabia is frightened of Iran, its nuclear program, and the sphere of influence Iran commands from Lebanon to Syria and Iraq. The Saudis hate the fact that the U.S. is “negotiating” with Iran, and are feeling increasingly insecure. Actually, pretty much every nation that used to consider themselves a strong U.S. ally in the region believes negotiating with Iran is a fool’s errand that guarantees the nuclear ambitions of the ayatollah.

Israeli photographs show that Iran now has a long range intercontinental ballistic missile parked on a launch pad just outside Tehran. This one may be able to reach the United States. As Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has said, Iran has for some time had missiles capable of hitting Israel. This addition to Iran’s arsenal has USA written all over it. But the negotiations continue with Iran, having already blown through at least two deadlines. Neither Israel nor Saudi Arabia want to see an agreement between the Obama administration and Iran, because they believe that Iran will achieve nuclear capability regardless.

But America’s relationship with Israel has never been more tenuous. Prime Minister Netanyahu has accepted an invitation to address Congress in March, and apparently did so without consulting the White House. Now the president’s aides are accusing Netanyahu of having “spat in the face” of the current U.S. president. Apparently, there will be no meeting between the two during Netanyahu’s visit. It is expected that Netanyahu might urge new sanctions against Iran (which the president vehemently opposes) and possibly call for military strikes against its nuclear facilities. It is blindingly obvious that the American president harbors only disgust and disdain for Israel and her Prime Minister.

In the U.S. we’re living in an alternate reality where everything is great and the “shadow of crisis has passed.” At least that’s the view that was offered in last week’s State of the Union address. Nothing could be further from the truth. No crisis to date can rival the one where Iran makes demands with its finger on a nuclear trigger. An Israeli air raid across the Syrian border just killed a top Iranian commander (proving Iran’s involvement in Syria’s civil war), and Iran has responded by threatening “thunderbolt” strikes to collapse and destroy Israel. But we hear that negotiations between American and Iranian diplomats still hold lots of promise, and mustn’t be distracted.

In summation, we’ve got a pope running all over the world, consolidating Rome’s influence over every “Christian” denomination or sect of consequence; Europe is facing a potential breakdown of its “union” socially, economically and politically, as the reality sets in that the U.S. will NOT stand up to any Islamic threat, even a nuclear one. Obviously Europe, behind Germany, is going to have to deal with the Muslim situation because the United States simply will not, at least not for the next two years. And as we’ve seen over the past few weeks, an awful lot can happen in a relatively short period of time.

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Mark Armstrong