Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter – December 2019

December 27, 2019

Dear Members and Coworkers,

Just as you get comfortable with writing the date with 2019, it’s time to change again. What a year it has been! The media has spent yet another year telling us how and what to think. Those blazing saddles on the cable channels, evangelizing like fire and brimstone religious zealots, shame all as sinners who do not revile President Trump based on their false reports, bogus accusations and snarling facial contortions. Now, we are confidently told from every quarter, “Impeachment is inevitable.” Well, after the standard for impeachment established by this current exercise, throughout the reminder of American history, impeachment will always be “inevitable” whenever a majority in Congress opposes the incumbent in the White House. But that does not matter to the liberals instigating this purely political process as they see their purported “American values” being turned upside down.

There are those however, who think it’s about time these bogus “values” were rejected. Have you noticed how many concocted, politically correct issues we’re supposed to care deeply about? “Global warming,” “climate emergency,” “gay” everything, including “marriage,” for instance? Transgender bathrooms? Russia, Russia, Russia! Oh, we care all right––but not the way the liberals would want us to. The endless scoldings we get from the prime time primp squad need to stop and the focus needs to be on things real that do matter.

Media pollsters were yet again proven irrelevant by the results of the Bristish election. It was too close to call! The population was just as likely to back a lot of left-wing talking points, caring deeply about diversity, inclusivity, tranny troubles, Muslim concerns, and the litany of language tricks designed to appeal to the thoroughly modern, as they were about national sovereignty and culture. As the media pollsters learned the hard way (much to our delight) late on the evening of November 4, 2016, they were (again) absolutely wrong in all their predictions and did not know what they were talking about.

Remember, the original Brexit referendum took place months before Obama’s pick was soundly rejected in favor of President Trump. Some saw a connection. And they started with accusations immediately. How dare the public turn against what the media, academia and every large corporate and financial concern had already bought wholesale. It must be, they reasoned, some contingent of cult like followers who’d been brainwashed. Well, they’d fix that. What followed was the wasting of three years of everyone’s time based on false accusations cooked up by the “premier” law enforcement and intelligence agencies that otherwise claim to be close to infallible. Finally, now, two years after everyone who was paying attention knew what had transpired, the DOJ Inspector General’s report confirms the nefarious conduct of these agencies and high officials, as either grossly negligent, inept or corrupt. They are finally admitting that, “Mistakes were made,” but not due to any bias against candidate or President Trump mind you. Hey, no big deal.

It had better be a big deal. The fact that the DOJ Inspector General report (or the Mueller Report) did not come out a year ago, or even last spring when it was said it would, has allowed the mainstream media to continue their relentlessly false “reporting” against President Trump and allowed bizarre and ridiculous accusations to be proposed and then dissected by partisan hacks day and night over every type of media outlet. We’re witnessing the miscarriage of information on a constant and ongoing basis. Whatever results from the efforts to impeach President Trump––and that effort should die in the Senate––the coup against Trump will not be over and will likely carry into a second term. Never mind that practically everything Trump’s opponents have argued, and demanded we believe, has been officially discredited. There is no “sorry,” no apology, and no admission they were wrong. And why would there be? The whole process, characterized by the “impeachment” committee hearings, is blatantly political-based upon false assumptions, presumptions and hearsay––devoid of actual facts and unbiased reason. And then to drive home the political nature of impeachment devoid of facts or evidence, the Speaker Pelosit refuses to transmit the flimsy articles of impeachment until, she claims, the Republican controlled Senate agrees to her terms for a trial, ignoring the palin constitutional mandate to the Senate for total control over it’s own rules for a trial. Thus, the whole circus will continue into 2020. If Pelosit refuses to pass on the articles of impeachment there may never be a trial. In fact, even one of the anti Trump law professors who gave ‘evidence’ at the House Judiciary impeachment hearing, has stated his opinion that the US Constitution requires the articles of impeachment be transmitted to the Senate for trial and until that is done there is no impeachment. Opinions vary on this point but plainly the Left of US politics has dug themselves a hole they don’t seem capable of extricating themselves. And through all of this sham President Trump’s standing in the polls has continued to rise. The latest ploy of one of the ring leaders of the Democrat controlled impeachment process is to signal that Vice President Pence is also in their impeachment sights. Imagine – if in the wild-eyed dreams of these people they could pull this off, removing Trump and Pence, then Pelosi herself would be next in line to lead the US. Thankfully, that scenario truly is wild-eyed dreaming on the part of those suffering perhaps terminal cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

However, President Trump thrives, seemingly happier than ever, having accomplished far more than could realistically be hoped for – Chinese trade issues settling, USMCA trade deal finally passed, 180 plus Federal circuit court judges, the U.S. economy in overdrive with so many rules and regulations removed. And the political left has lost its mind with disgust and hatred of all Trump has achieved. Then, just this week we saw one big corporation apologize to the activist “gay” community for NOT airing ads that depicted women passionately kissing (each other) and getting “married.” How could they have been so insensitive to the feelings of homosexual activists? Well, this corporation got those ads on air right away and was awfully remorseful about any hurt homosexual feelings.

What about the rest of 90% plus of the population and TV viewership? We’d better just stay quiet, lest they chase us down and accuse us of hate crimes against minorities. It looks like everyone, even throughout the conservative media, has decided to welcome homosexuality to their bosom, because, well, it just wouldn’t be nice otherwise. We’ve got bigger fish to fry, it’s been said. We need to choose our battles, and this one we can’t win anyway, because as we are reminded constantly, it’s the LAW of THE LAND, thanks to the Obama era Supreme Court.

Maybe we don’t need to make a big deal about the issue, but we must be aware that God’s laws condemn all aspects of homosexuality throughout the Old and New Testament. Some might say the Old Testament references were “done away,” nailed to the cross. But oops. There are more than a few plain passages in the New Testament that condemn it in blunt terms. Christians intrinsically know that this gay hogwash goes against everything the Bible stands for, but there are good people who don’t want to ruffle any feathers (even on a tranny’s boa) and so many pretend like we’re good with it.

It’s kind of like X-mas. If it’s ok, we’d rather not blaspheme by using the Savior’s name in conjunction with the Saturnalia and customs that pre-date our culture and the United States itself. The problem is that many, many wonderful people associate the holiday with good and righteous sentiments. They believe that they are celebrating the birth of Christ by decorating indoor trees with ornaments and giving gifts to each other. But they also associate it with family visits and loving reunions that are all too rare.

Now it’s even more difficult and confusing, that saying Merry X-mas is a jab at the snowflake crew who wish to tear down our culture and history and join in some globalist amalgamation. Crazy as it may be, X-mas celebration is now regarded as a sign of American patriotism. That’s how screwy things have become in the wake of the great a-WOKE-ening.

Just so you know, we love our country and believe, not only that our freedom was part of God’s plan all along, but that of Britain, Canada, Australia and the various descendants of the Israelitish tribes. Unfortunately, some of them have been shamed into giving up a lot of their God-given rights and freedoms, because, you know, it just wouldn’t be nice to go against the flow.

But some of us here in the USA are not about to bow down to the media, academic and corporate demands that we embrace nonsense that God condemns in His word. We don’t want to be a thorn in anybody’s side, but we’re not about to go against the Almighty in order to satisfy some universal demand of society and the media. If that makes us, shall we say peculiar, then so be it.

Here’s to being a “peculiar people” in a society that has, for the most part, lost its way. We love and respect those good people around us, many indulging in what the culture has prescribed. They’ll figure it out sooner or later, and hopefully we can be a part of that.


Mark Armstrong

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