Mark Armstrong’s Monthly letter – April 2015

24 April 2015

Dear Members and Coworkers,

The whole concept of “Christianity,” even the paganized mainstream version, is under attack all over the world. There is routine slaughter of men and boys wherever ISIS overruns villages and towns in Iraq and Syria. Women and girls are kidnapped, raped and sold into slavery at prices set, and advertised on posters that begin with praises to Allah.   The Roman pope occasionally speaks out against these atrocities, almost as passionately as he expresses sympathy and understanding for the homosexual lobby and demands that western societies in Europe and the United States welcome vast hordes of “refugees” and illegal aliens that include elements that will engender and carry out terrorist attacks in our midst if they can.

We hear almost nothing of the genocide, or ideology behind it from American leadership. When we do it is couched in terms such as “Egyptian citizens,” as it was in the case when ISIS beheaded 21 “Christians” from Egypt on the sands of a Libyan shoreline.

It seems that America’s Judeo-Christian heritage is a major stumbling block to transformational Utopian agenda in the works. From the current occupant of the White House, to Hollywood and pop culture, to the United Nations, and yes, even the humble pontiff himself, traditional tenets of Christianity and Constitutionally guaranteed liberties that allow our free exercise of those tenets are in the way of their socialist, pro-gay, “green” agenda.

It’s understandable that most cannot yet see this reality clearly. Those who depend on snippets, sound bites and mainstream media story headlines as their primary sources of information may not have the slightest idea what “Christians” of whatever stripe are up against. It actually looks as though most Christian denominations are in collapse against the onslaught of mainstream “conventional wisdom.” Many of those considered “orthodox” have already “ordained” queer and lesbian priests and bishops, to their own detriment.

Now that the “Christian experience” has largely become all about tolerance, multiculturalism, and now “climate change,” it is not hard to see why parishioners have been opting out. What, after all, does “Christianity” even stand for these days? Is it enough to pay respects on the annual holidays of Christmas and Easter, maybe wear a shiny cross around the neck on top of a sweater or shirt for the benefit of everyone you encounter? Most practical Biblical instructions have been re-interpreted by “mainline” denominations to fall in line with modern social trends.

We featured a line-up of famous protestant personalities and mega-church pastors who have recently made a pilgrimage to Rome to get cozy and conversant with the pontiff himself, even while he pays his respects to socialism, gets non-judgmental about homosexuality, and sets about making belief in man-made climate change a religious imperative. That doesn’t require any extrapolation. He is actually writing a “papal encyclical” which elevates belief in manmade climate change (and the necessity to support government mandates and regulations) to the importance of “Christian” doctrine!

It is interesting that one of the largest authoritarian socialist experiments in history (the Soviet Union) was justified by environmental concerns. Do we have to remind the pope, the president, and the United Nations how that played out? Insulting as it may sound, here goes anyway; massive fraud and abuse on the part of the ruling oligarchy; grinding, universal hunger and poverty for the masses; widespread fear of government agencies (the KGB) if caught cheating the rationing system or talking against national policies; and finally, complete financial and societal collapse.

You don’t suppose that is just what the pope, the United Nations, and perhaps even the current president wants for the United States do you? We do not read minds, and since their intentions are not the issue anyway, what difference does it make? The point is the reality of the situation, and the false, fraudulent ideologies that are being forced upon us all.

Israel was warned that the pride of its power would be lost as a result of turning against the Creator God, and getting comfortable with the sinful and idolatrous practices of heathen nations. Surely the United States of America has used its power on a global scale to defeat murderous regimes and to liberate hundreds of millions of people from their brutality. Most recently though that power has been purposefully depleted. We’re supposed to believe that we don’t even have the ability to deal with twenty thousand or so rag-brained animals spreading out over Iraq and Syria. Certainly the American military could wipe this blight out without assistance from anyone, and given their constant threats against individual Americans as well as the United States collectively, there would be ample justification for doing just that.

But at the moment there are other matters that apparently take precedence. Rules of engagement have been ratcheted back to the point that American soldiers have to wait until they are under fire before determining whether the enemy poses a threat or not. It is no coincidence that morale is reported to be at all-time lows among the military. Many families, even those with a proud military history, don’t want their kids getting involved in an organization that puts their well-being and their firmly-held convictions behind the sentiments of the enemy or the “gay” lobby. Current leadership at the Pentagon is busy making sure there are plenty of gay and lesbian commanders in the mix. They’ve got to make sure nobody in the armed services offends queer sensibilities. Anti-Muslim sentiment has also had to be rooted out. The enemy can only be referenced as “violent extremists.”

That’s interesting. That’s what many on the left call Christians! Whoever puts their beliefs in God and His Word is considered dangerous to tolerance, multiculturalism, the “climate change” agenda, and virtually every other transformation in the works.

But the pope, and his protestant church-leader buddies are in the process of changing all that. A new version of “Christianity” is in the making, and not for the first time. Constantine, Emperor of Rome and the first pope carried out the first transformation of Christianity. It was he who enshrined the pagan festivals (Christmas, Easter) and artefacts (eggs, rabbits, crosses and steeples) as the recognised observances and symbols. It appears that he has a worthy successor in the personage of Francis. And somehow, against all odds, the current pope seems to hold dear the very same transformational goals as the current American president, and they intend to foist their ideology upon all of us even if that involves violating the Constitution and the Bible. What a coincidence!

You’ve heard the old refrain, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” And that’s where we are. Now it’s just too risky for most to stand for our heritage, traditions and religious convictions. To do so puts one out of step with modern society. As of late, it even puts one out of step with government leadership and out of step with other “people of faith.”

You’ve just concluded reading a letter from one outfit that’s not about to cave in for all the pseudo, save the planet, support illegal migrants to the detriment of family and neighbors, marry the queers and bake them a cake, goody-two-shoe nonsense. Furthermore, we won’t fall over, or bend down for the ancient pagan symbol of the cross, as you’ll realize when you listen to the CD we’re offering this month, History of the Cross. We’ll put our faith and our lives in the hands of God over the arrogant frauds, whether those frauds be perpetrated and promoted by scientists, presidents, kings or pontiffs, any day and every day.



Mark Armstrong