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The whole nation is reeling over the school massacre in Broward County, Florida.  We now know that the tragedy didn’t need to happen at all.  The F. B. I. was warned at least twice, with one of the contacts having been very specific about the crazy kid, his weapons, his rage and murderous intentions.  The call came in to their call center in Washington, D. C., and the information relayed to a supervisor who decided no further action was necessary and reportedly closed the case within the hour.  That was only a couple of weeks before the mass shooting, so it’s absolutely clear that action could have been taken, but wasn’t.

The mainstream media wasn’t about to let the school shooting tragedy go to waste.  CNN raced to the scene to schedule their televised “town hall” meeting to be carried LIVE, nationwide.  We’re beginning to find out that they only wanted one viewpoint pushed, and rejected participation by most everyone who had any reaction other than an emotional demand for gun control.  That was most clearly demonstrated by the Broward County Sheriff, and his impassioned call for “trying something different.”   He’s since disgraced himself even further, claiming that he’d brought phenomenal leadership to the Sheriff’s office.  Under the circumstances, he ought to get canned for that statement alone.

The theory behind gun control is that the police can protect citizens from harm.  The government, if large enough and powerful enough, can take care of the bad guys.  All you have to do is contact authorities, and they’ll swarm into action.  You don’t need to protect yourself, they claim, “More guns mean more violence.”  The Florida example may be the worst of all time in terms of backing up the angry screams for gun control.  Anger is understandable and to be expected from the grieving parents, family members and friends of those defenseless teenagers, mercilessly murdered and maimed by the homicidal maniac who shot up the school.  We’re all angry.

Police and Sheriffs repeatedly went to answer complaints, but never took the future mass murderer into custody, never hauled him off for a mental examination, and never charged him with a crime or took his guns into custody.  Then we learn the school’s own security officer hid outside (for a full four minutes) while the massacre proceeded inside the school.  Now they’ve got him and his home under armed guard, afraid that some infuriated parent of a murdered or maimed child might take matters into their own hands after learning of his incredible act of cowardice.  Or was he ordered to stand down?  Uh oh.

Conspiracy theories are sprouting like spring weeds.  The F. B. I. was told this might well happen and who might do it, and never bothered to act.  The local enforcement officers had dozens of complaints of violence and threats against others, and did nothing.  Now they’re all calling for law abiding citizens to be required to turn in their firearms, as if it’s the fault of the law abiding public that this happened.  “It’s the NRA’s fault!”  Don’t worry.  You don’t need to protect yourselves, the police are all the protection you need, they claim.  For years the progressives (socialist activists) have cursed every form of law enforcement.  They’ve remained silent or acted as apologists when police have been ambushed or murdered.  Suddenly, in the face of F. B. I. malfeasance and utter incompetence in Broward County, Law Enforcement can do no wrong.  “We’ve just got to get rid of these guns!”

Nice try.  But we’ve got a full-blown Constitutional Crisis on our hands.  What happens when those authorized and commissioned to prosecute crimes are the criminals?  When some uncompromised members of Congressional committees begin to unravel sedition: the defrauding of a secret FISA court with bought and paid for disinformation; when top Law Enforcement personnel are caught in constant communication as to how desperate they are to bring down a duly elected president; when the ultimate enforcers of Law are themselves deeply involved in a conspiracy to break it… What’s the legal remedy for that?  Congress has the power to gather evidence, compel testimony and may well succeed in proving a criminal conspiracy among top officials at the F. B. I. and the Department of Justice.  But then what?  The ordinary process would be to make a criminal referral to one of these agencies for prosecution.  But the bosses at the agencies are not about to prosecute themselves, or their closest colleagues.

Couldn’t the President fire the crooks and replace them with other prosecutors not implicated in the shenanigans?  That’s precisely what the mainstream media has been salivating about for weeks and months!  “The President surely WANTS to fire Mueller.  He surely WANTS to fire Rosenstein, and that would be just like the Saturday Night Massacre of Watergate fame.”  That would mean the dreaded “Constitutional Crisis” of their dreams.  “It’s not the crime that brings a president down, it’s the cover-up!” they say that by the thousands of repetitions in the mainstream “news” media with no shame at all.

The problem is that the mainstream “news” media has been an active participant in the conspiracy.  They’ve been hyperventilating over leaks from “highly placed government officials” all day and night for over a year.  We weren’t told who the “information” came from, but the sodomites at the anchor desks certainly knew.  How convenient that a brand new shoe would drop every night for over a year, 20 minutes before the newscast was to begin, each one designed to cast guilt of “Russian Collusion” on the Trump campaign and subsequent presidency.  We’ll see it proven shortly, that the conspirators themselves, those in the topmost positions in the F. B. I. and DOJ were the source of the information coming from “highly placed government officials.”  Some of it has already been proven, in their own words, from their own internal communications.

It’s really something when the audience KNOWS what the story is while the presenters carry on whistling past the graveyard, making up one scandal, one crisis after another while ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the studio.  But they sneer, squint intently, pout and flirt while rolling their eyes and laughing derisively at every weak, outnumbered “Trump defender” on the set.

But now there are indictments.  And it’s really BIG.  It proves “The Russians” were messing around in the U. S. before, during and after the election of 2016!  “Trump’s just a liar.”  “He’s like a petulant child.”  “He’s clinically insane.”  “He’s a bully.”  “He’s a dictator.”  “He’s a sucker for beautiful women,” say the eye-rolling homosexuals who bring you “The Most Trusted Name in News.”  “He’s the commander in chief for the rape culture.”  “He’s a menace, about to touch off World War III.”

Round and round it goes, where or when it stops nobody knows.  The Law Enforcement officials in this case are the crooks, (with the possible exception of the recused Jeff Sessions) aided and abetted by the queer socialist arbiters of information, and they’re not about to send themselves up the river.  This is where the irresistible force meets the impenetrable object.  It’s a Constitutional Crisis alright, just not the one the media has been cheer-leading.  Justice is fallen in the streets once and for all, and there’s no clear method of retrieving it.  Make America Great Again?  We’ll need God’s intervention if it is merely to survive.  The Constitution is under attack.  The Bible has been condemned as hate speech.  We’re drowning in scams, lies, disinformation and deception.  The majority (especially when you include illegals) seems to like it that way.  We may be an even more peculiar people than we realized!  We hope you’ll like our new edition of the Ten Commandments booklet, by Garner Ted Armstrong, with larger print and a color cover that reveals a beautiful panorama of the Sinai Mountains.


Mark Armstrong

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