Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter – 25 April 2017

April 25, 2017

Dear Members and Coworkers,

In terms of a brief overview of the subjects addressed in this letter we have the escalating threat of North Korea, and China’s receding support for the posturing little megalomaniac, Kim Jong Un; the most recent terrorist attack in Paris, and whether it will affect the French Presidential election;  the utter breakdown of “democratic socialism” in Venezuela; and the abject revulsion directed toward the Trump presidency, shared by the European elite as well as mainstream media outlets the world over.

The “First 100 Days” we’ve been hearing so much about have featured 89% negative coverage, according to careful analysis no one has even tried to dispute.  If you’ve looked in on the chattering experts at all you know that the “reporting” has gone far beyond negativity.  It has consisted primarily of endless speculation that president-elect Trump and his campaign team were “potentially colluding” with Russian intelligence to “hack the election,” an act that would constitute nothing short of treason.   It’s been the biggest, longest-running speculative news story, perhaps of all time.

How can “news” consist of speculation, analysis of speculation, and opinion based on speculation?  “Impossible,” you say.  Yes, that’s impossible, or it would be if the record of the past several months hadn’t been written by the mainstream media as an historical witness.  When the American missile strike hit the Syrian airbase, where Russian military personnel were assigned, several commentators emerged to suggest that the strike was simply a ruse to change the subject, and Putin may have been in on it!  It may have been the employment, not only of reverse psychology, but the infamous double reverse!  But don’t worry, the media anchors and experts are well aware of what MAY be going on.

Meanwhile, the war drums are pounding in and around North Korea.  You can’t have missed the widely publicized military parade in Pyongyang, with the plump little dictator beaming at the display of goose stepping soldiers amid missiles on display.  The finale featured the fictional destruction of an American city by North Korean missiles.  While the U.S. Navy takes up positions at the ready, it appears that even China may be bending to the embarrassment Kim Jong Un has become.  No one seems to know if the missiles he displayed are real, or made out of cardboard.  But the threat of war is real, and Seoul, South Korea and the cities of Japan definitely are within range of firepower that has been successfully demonstrated.

It appears that the inevitable consequences of Democratic Socialism may be reaching critical mass in Venezuela.  Mass demonstrations, brought about by poverty and starvation, threaten the ruler-ship of Nicolas Maduro, successor to Hugo Chavez.  His government seized a General Motors plant earlier this week, which mimics similar actions against foreign corporations taken by his predecessor.   An article in the New York Times lists a who’s who of corporations that have done business in Venezuela and its government, and shows that they’ve had to write off hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid debts.  And so it goes in this Utopia of Democratic Socialism.  It’s a pattern we’ll see play out elsewhere.  It’s a philosophy being taught as “fair” in American universities, and one that was preached and promoted by the losers of our recent presidential election.

Rather unimportant in our news is the fact that they’re running for their lives in European cities on a regular basis.  You have to wonder how long it takes for the panic to subside in the emotional makeup of the average European pedestrian subjected to one of these “run for your lives” incidents.  If they felt righteously content about their self-imposed infestation of Muslim migrants, and they apparently do, how do they “feel” after watching a truck run over their fellow civilians downtown?  Political correctness is designed to appeal to emotion, often on the basis of “fairness.”  It would seem that the “fairness” appeal would turn public opinion upside down in the wake of a terrorist event, where innocent civilians are wantonly murdered by one of the pope’s “poor sojourners.”

It happened in Stockholm, Sweden, where hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been housed and supported because Swedes have been convinced that their guilt for having lived in peace and prosperity must be assuaged by importing hordes of conscienceless zealots, deemed “the poor” by the press and by posturing politicians.  Last month it was London, where a vehicle was used to bludgeon pedestrians on Westminster Bridge on its way to the gates of Parliament.  It should come as no surprise that terror has Paris, this time on the famed Champs Elysees Boulevard, again sending locals and tourists running for their lives.  French police had the perpetrator on their radar, (just as Swedish authorities knew the beer truck terrorist and British authorities knew of the Westminster terrorist) another ISIS devotee dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization and the implementation of Sharia law worldwide.

Authorities believe this devout killer was “radicalized” while serving a fifteen-year sentence for the attempted murder of two police officers.  That little detail should tell us all we need to know about the rationalization of the Muslim situation in Europe.  Let’s try to get this straight.  They’re saying he wasn’t “radical” when he attempted to take innocent lives in 2001?  He only became “radicalized” while serving a sentence for attempting to murder police officers?  That’s about as clear an example as you’ll find of willful ignorance borne of political correctness, but there are many more.

What impact might this unfortunate incident have on the unfolding presidential election in France?  The favorite, and presumptive next president of France according to the smart money, is Emmanuel Macron.  He represents the status quo even though he is a defector from the Socialist party of President Holland, which got drubbed in the preliminary round.   A victory for Macron would mean that little will change for France.  There will be no crackdown on immigration or the sprawling government-subsidized Muslim “no-go” ghettos.  On the other hand, a victory for Marine la Pen is a frightening prospect indeed, according to the entrenched media.  The “FAR RIGHT” label with which the media loves to brand all opponents of government-imposed Socialism, is stuck to every caption that bears her image and every headline that bears her name.  It carries with it the implication of Nazism.  Isn’t it curious that any comparison of anybody or anything to Hitler or the Nazi regime is verboten, and will inevitably be met with universal derision and ridicule.  Unless of course we’re talking Trump.

But Marine Le Pen is another perfectly legitimate candidate for Nazi comparisons as far as the media are concerned.  What we know for sure is that she doesn’t believe the angry ghettos are a national asset, she wants out of the European Union, and believes the common currency, the euro, is not in the best interests of France.  The conventional retort is that the European Union has been one of the institutions responsible for having kept the peace in Europe ever since the end of WWII, with the obvious implication that hostilities will emerge once again if it should fail.  But it will fail.  If not now, through orderly democratic processes, then later amid more tumultuous circumstances.  The Bible indicates a powerful, fascistic political and economic powerhouse that will make its weight felt all over the world.  What we have now certainly reeks of fascism, whether the subject is immigration, “gay-rights,” welfare or “green” energy.  No one under their authority dares disagree without being banished from polite society by all political and social means available.  Thankfully, the Eurocrats who’ve destroyed the culture of their own cities don’t have much weight to throw around at present, aside from those who are indebted to them.

We can give thanks that their group-think philosophies have been dealt a severe setback, first in Britain, and now in the United States.  We don’t have to worship “the planet,” bow down at the altar of “gay marriage,” or abortion, or trans-gender supremacy, or the joys of illegal immigration, need I go on?  Here in the United States, it seems that the free expression of ideas that run contrary to Socialist dogma may not be tracked down and punished by government agencies, as has often been the case over recent years.  Long-term readers know that these pages have poked that possibility squarely between the eyes month after month, year after year.  Thank God for LIBERTY, in Law.  It was His invention, as are we.  We’ll do all we can to preserve it, and to WATCH and WARN as is our commission.


Mark Armstrong

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