Dear Members and Coworkers,                                     July 22, 2019

Whether you’re talking about North Korea, Iran, or the bigger players of Russia and China, it’s obvious that even rudimentary trade could not proceed over the world’s shipping routes without the oversight of the United States. It is our military that keeps thieves, pirates and rogue nations from disrupting the life’s blood of the world’s economy. Right now it’s the critical Straits of Hormuz, through which 40% of the world’s oil supply flows, and Iran, the world’s leading financier of terror acting out. Their economy is in tatters, the Ayatollah’s international accounts have been frozen, and the Islamic regime has gone on offense. First, we have a little background to put recent events that have led to the current brink of war with Iran into chronological order.

April 8, President Trump declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

May 2, The U. S. revoked all waivers for nations continuing to do business with Iran.

May 5, U. S. announced the deployment of a carrier group to the Gulf region.

May 8, Additional sanctions on metals exports announced. 

May 24, Trump signals that we’ll send an additional 1,500 troops to be on stand-by.

June 13, Two tankers attacked, with holes blown in their hulls at water level.

June 17, Iran announces they’re about to violate terms of “nuclear deal.”

June 20, Iran downs American drone, U. S. retaliates with cyber attack.

June 21, Trump calls off retaliatory attack at last minute.

June 24, Trump specifically sanctions Ayatollah and top advisors, freezing assets internationally.

The British seized an Iranian tanker loaded with crude oil destined for Syria, going through the Straits of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea. The trip all the way down the coast, around the Southern tip of Africa and up to Gibraltar must have taken weeks, but it was clandestine. The Iranian tanker couldn’t very well go through the Suez Canal, which would have been the logical route, because the ship would have been caught right then and there.

Iran seems to be playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship now with the seizure of a British-flagged vessel in the Straits of Hormuz. Maybe you’ve heard the radio traffic that transpired during the episode. The Iranians gave assurances that they meant the ship no harm, and were simply conducting an inspection to see that the ship was in compliance with “international regulations.” Then they boarded the ship with armed troops that rappelled from a hovering helicopter before escorting the vessel to an Iranian port. The tanker was empty, and had a multinational crew that included no British citizens. Other than “high level meetings” within the British government and official statements demanding the situation be resolved without delay, nothing has been done. Britain is, at this writing, leaderless. Theresa May has one foot out the door, and by the time you read this letter, there may very well be a new Prime Minister. The brash and unpredictable Boris Johnson seems to be the odd-on favorite, but we’ll see.

Recent weeks have seen Iran boasting that it’s breaking every constraint built into the “nuclear deal” of the Obama years. President Trump, as you know, canceled the arrangement saying that it guaranteed that Iran would become a nuclear armed power within a few years if they didn’t cheat on the terms, which everyone knew they would. Iran is now publicly broadcasting that it’s violating the agreement, putting the European nations that were determined to cling to the “nuclear deal” in an awkward spot. But that wasn’t the end of the provocations. 

Iran now claims that they’re detaining 17 CIA spies. But none are Americans. The regime says that they were recruited to be spies when they applied for visas to visit the U. S. The claims and counter claims are becoming so numerous that we’ll probably never unravel them all. But they’re building toward something that is frightening to all observers. The situation at “Choke-point Charlie,” as the Brits have dubbed the Straits of Hormuz, is more chaotic than we realized. Imagine something close to 100 oil tankers per day through the straits, with hundreds of other smaller vessels plying the waters. It’s impossible to identify all the craft or what they’re up to. Iran reportedly has 2000 Fast Attack Craft that can be used to swarm an unsuspecting tanker, and as we’ve seen in the most recent incident, they’ve used a helicopter to get armed troops on board and seize the vessel before taking it to an Iranian port. Given their history, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that the Iranian mullahs are lying about everything. Russia however is siding with Iran. They’ve echoed the Iranian claim of British “piracy” in regard to the tanker seized at Gibraltar.

The international situation is growing tense. We’d hate to imagine what would be transpiring if Iran and its proxies throughout the Middle East didn’t have the United States and Israel to check its ambition of ruling over the entire region. But we’ve got operations underway here in the United States designed to bring down the Trump administration and turn the U. S. into just another emasculated administrator of socialism. The most irritating factor in the push is the role of the mainstream media, social media platforms and search engines. They’re doing everything imaginable to regulate the information people access. They’ve determined that they can direct, if not dominate public opinion through algorithms that promote favored (socialist) views while banning, shadow banning, deleting or hiding information that might lead the masses to conclusions that are not in sync with their agenda. 

We’ve now got people in congress, dominating the news cycle, who hate everything for which the United States stands, and the media loves them. Historic murals have been painted over, memorials toppled and defaced because the would-be socialists don’t want current or future generations being subjected to our history. That way they can re-write it as they see fit to engender the anti-American mindset that is already the underlying theme in institutions of education. That is backed up by social media manipulation and a mainstream media that comes across as 24 hour indoctrination of anti-American, and especially anti-Trump “information.” 

Lately, there is very little actual “news.” Rather, we have hosts and guests doing everything within their power to convince us that the United States was founded on principles of RACISM. They accuse our nation, our President and all who support him of being RACIST. 

So they’ve gone to calling all patriotic Americans RACIST, in the hopes that we’ll embrace socialist indoctrination to avoid the label. If it’s any consolation, those that would enslave us all under a totalitarian government, also hate God and His Word. If and when they ever succeed in stamping out our Judeo-Christian background, as it’s called, the world will erupt into anarchy with no righteous power to intervene. There are those who say that things are so bad, we might as well get it over with and let nature take its course. But when you read the prophecies relating to the “end of the age,” you realize that it’s not something you want for yourself or any of your loved ones. A world without the United States of America as founded, is someplace none of us wants to be. 

Our free offer this month is a sermon by Garner Ted Armstrong entitled Blasphemy. Feel free to listen to it in the context of everything going on around us and in modern society. Those calling everybody “RACIST” are the same ones who want God out of education, out of our laws, and out of our memory. His blessings simply won’t be tolerated by the preachers of tolerance.
Mark Armstrong