Mark Armstrong’s August 2017 letter

Dear Members and Coworkers,

Today it’s Confederate Statues.  Tomorrow…?  Who’s afraid of the snowflakes?  Apparently every university and municipality that is challenged.  As we saw in the embarrassing and ultimately tragic events that unfolded in Charlottesville, VA, the mainstream media demands that Americans take a side.  Are you on the side of the neo-Nazis, or do you support the masked anarchists that destroy historical monuments on the basis that they honor “racism?”  And that’s precisely what the mainstream media has done.  Pick a side, America.  Either you’re a supporter of the Confederacy, having lost the American Civil War fighting for slavery, or the triggered, offended anarchists threatening to burn everything down.  “Which side are you on?” they demand to know.

Really?  We have to choose between the most uneducated dregs of society?  No, we don’t.  No we won’t.  Some of us reserve the right, bestowed upon us by God Himself, to recognize manipulation when we see it.  We’re not at all sure that the events in Charlottesville weren’t choreographed.  It appears that one idiot group was herded by police into the teeth of “counter-protesters” where the brawl celebrated by the mainstream media was unavoidable.  Will we ever know exactly what went down or why?  Hopefully so, but probably not.  If the truth goes against the narrative pushed by the race-baiting network anchors, they’ll never tell it.

Yes, we know that many of the so-called conservative ilk in government have been baited into the discussion and have been toppled like a Civil War monument into buying into the convoluted logic that antifa is fighting against racist symbols.  Lilly-livered, panty-waisted politicians, terrified of the prospect of being called “RACIST” by the self-righteous homosexuals that dominate national prime-time, topple like dominoes.  They can’t give up historical monuments fast enough, because they know they’ll be the next target.  They run like little girls, lest the black-masked snowflakes with baseball bats come calling outside their offices.

Isn’t it odd that the party that erected the monuments and statues is the same party that pretends to be outraged by their existence?  Look it up.  See which legislatures were the ones that passed laws erecting those monuments in the first place.  Take a look at which presidents in our recent history praised the likes of Robert E. Lee, and called him a righteous, courageous Christian man.  They are the most revered icons of the left.  Is any president in recent American history more revered by the socialist left than Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

Buying into the emotional convulsions of the offended classes demands that we be ignorant of our own history.  They obviously are, and they demand that we suspend logic, reject the nuances of history and support their mindless tirades.  Otherwise, we are RACIST!

“President Donald Trump is a RACIST,” they constantly claim.  He’s a LIAR, he’s unhinged, he’s unfit for office, and on and on it goes by the barrels of ink, by the thousands of hours of prime-time and around the clock, twenty-four seven.  But that’s not where it stops.  If you dare support him, or let’s just say you realize that he’s a human being with some flaws but support some aspects of his agenda policy-wise, YOU, yes you are supporting racism!  That means you deserve to be attacked, physically, if caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and too bad for you.  You should have known better than to have put in with such a despicable human being.  That’s what passes for logic among the anarchists and the mainstream media that justifies the idiocy playing out somewhere almost daily.

Under the banner of “Social Justice,” the radical left employs the tactics of the French Revolution and hopes for similar results.  If only they could have finished the job on the United States while Barack Obama was president!  And it’s not as if they didn’t try.  Identity politics was front and center.  Law enforcement agencies were declared “stupid,” and racist by the former president while angry mobs, driven into a frenzy by deliberately inaccurate reporters, rampaged, burned and looted.  We saw several incidents like St. Louis, and Baltimore, where the anarchy, theft and destruction were deemed excusable by the false reporters of fake news.

It was the logic of the radical, progressive, anarchist left that led to the mindless, mob driven riot and butchery of the French Revolution.  If you look it up on your gizmo, you will find a highly sanitized version on Wikipedia.  It avoids the public dismemberment in the streets of the bodies of those who didn’t support the goals of the “revolution”. It glosses over the children who kicked human heads like soccer balls in the streets, no doubt to the delight of the true believers for whom the degradation of their ideological opponents made that desecration a deserved punishment.

That’s the kind of hatred that’s currently being ginned up on America’s university campuses.  Tearing down the statues and monuments is only the first phase.  Make no mistake.  They’re coming after George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin too.  And since they were the authors of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, they’re coming after those documents that created and have sustained our nation, too.

How dare we retain our Declaration and Constitution which reference the Creator, His Divine Laws and His plan for mankind?  They’ve absconded with the rainbow, which may be an even greater desecration than we realize.  At it’s conclusion, this movement will require that we renounce God and His Word, because it conflicts with their Social Justice agenda.  It also renders recent pronouncements of the “humble” little pontiff utterly illegitimate.

God’s Word offends homosexuals, and nobody’s more deserving of respect than those who demand reverence for their perversions, not in this society.  So ultimately they’re coming after our Bibles.  They don’t believe in Biblical history, they don’t believe in God’s Word, so they’ll demand we reject it.  Even the pope wants us all to ask the homosexual activists for forgiveness for failing to recognize the superiority of Sodomites!

If that’s what they demand, they just might have to come after us.  They may have the den of homosexuals who run media on their side.  They may have the universities and the know-nothing safe-space crowd on their side.  They may have the illegal alien community on their side.  They may even have the Muslim Jihadists on their side.  But they don’t have God, at all.

They can scream, cry, and throw Molotov cocktails.  They can break windows, chain themselves across highways, throw bottles of urine at police or defecate on police cars, as they did in New York City.  We’re sticking with God’s Word.  And for now at least, we have a president who is sticking up for our right of religious freedom, and our right to love our country as one that was founded according to God’s promises with His Laws at it core.  The angry left will have to kill us all if they want that overthrown.  As long as we’ve still got the Second Amendment, good luck with that!

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Mark Armstrong

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