Mark Armstrong – Weekly Update Friday, 9 August 2013

Greetings from Tyler,

How many blows can a great nation take before it crumbles?  And why do our leaders continue to embrace one ruinous policy after another that can only lead to our ultimate demise?

It has become painful to watch as the most famous of our national figures promote activities and lifestyles contrary to nature, contrary to God’s laws, and lecture the rest of us about “equality,” “compassion,” and the wonders of “diversity” every step of the way.  Resistance, we’re led to believe, is futile.  God’s Laws have been swept out of the national equation, contrary to the clear intent of our founders and the documents they enshrined as the basis for any and all laws of a more detailed nature that might follow.

Now our laws lean toward “popularity” and politics.  The “popularity” aspect has been covered by two generations worth of indoctrination by a corrupt educational system and media/entertainment complex that panders to ignorance and the lowest common denominators.  Lately, everything revolves around the tenets of “social justice,” which has in fact supplanted the Word of God in terms of our national aspirations.

There is no question that this has been the overriding theme of all that has transpired over the past decade or so to put the world’s  most generous benefactors through a complete change of identity.  “Social justice” policies have propelled us well down the road to economic ruin, though there has always been some glimmer of hope that the strength of our core beliefs would prevail and get things turned around before it’s too late.  But we’ve seen those hopes dashed, repeatedly, as new faces have emerged upon the national scene appearing to stand for the righteous  precepts of our founders, only to surrender or fail in the end.

Here we go again.  The few voices of sound reason that remain are sure that the current “social justice” program being shuttled through our national legislature will mean that there is no going back, period.  There will be no hope of another chance to save our heritage or traditional culture.  When “amnesty” is provided to all the illegal third world aliens already here, along with an invitation for their extended families or “gay” partners; people who know nothing of self-reliance; have no experience with freedom or prosperity; who think all good things come from socialist handouts or communist distribution, the American experiment soberly entered into in covenant with God will be finally and irrevocably over.

Too bad it is not just some hard working immigrants, doing jobs that Americans refuse to do, as they would have us believe.  Many have known only communist poverty, hideous hygiene, corrupt authority, in fact all the best attributes produced by the social justice philosophy.  You might think that we’ve already imported quite enough squalor, turning a blind eye for fear of committing a violation of political correctness.  Apparently not.

It is not enough that America is running away from the enemy we were assured was “on the run” after bin Laden’s demise.  It is not enough that Russia now views America as a pushover.  It is not enough that our traditional allies have lost faith.  It is not enough that American patriots are now targeted by government agencies as potential enemies of the State.  No, it just wouldn’t be right if the politically elite didn’t turn the nation over to third-world rabble of every description.  As we’ve seen in every other instance of “federal assistance,” they’ll still live in poverty, but they’ll have free phones and high definition gadgets.  And they will be the driving force behind whatever form of democracy that might survive.  Take a good look at Juarez, or for that matter Benghazi.  They are the shining examples of the poverty and mayhem that lie in America’s future when the current wave of social justice-preaching leaders are moving into their multimillion dollar mansions to retire.

At that point, America will have reached its rightful place in prophetic fulfillment.  Nowhere to be found.

Interestingly enough, we now see the advent of the first social justice pope.  No doubt he’ll have nothing but praise when America opens the floodgates to the most base forms of human existence.  The plight of our progeny will have nothing in common with the hopes and dreams we had for them.  The Middle East will indulge its hatreds and plunge into violence without a second thought of intervention by the once powerful United States.

Europe, probably in concert with the Vatican (maybe even pope Francis) will decide on the new world currency just about the time the euro implodes and the dollar has collapsed.  The future spells T R I B U L A T I O N, and it looks like our political leaders want to bring it upon us at their earliest convenience.

Maybe it won’t cascade upon us as quickly as this Update spells it out.  Let us hope not.  We surely haven’t given up hope for our blessed homeland, for our children and their children.  We better hope the prognosticators are wrong with their predictions of what our representatives are about to visit upon us all.  Of course they’ve sugar coated it with tolerance, compassion, lollipops and rainbows.  But we know all about the realities that come right behind they’re empty speeches.  They’re all over the planet, and we have the ability to see exactly how this all turns out, because we have satellite TV images from every corner of the globe where the fresh arrivals have come from.  Take a good look.  One EMP pulse just might limit us to the front window.  They’re working on it.

Mark Armstrong