Mark Armstrong Weekly Commentary – 1 April 2022

April 1, 2022

No Joke

Greetings from Tyler,

It’s starting to look a lot like sabotage.  If the goal was to ruin our way of life, dismantle everything that made America great, and drag us all into a gay, trans-sexual whirlwind, the government media and corporate bosses couldn’t try any harder.  We must be “flexible” enough to abide another round of emergency mandates.  The little twerp in a lab coat will decide.

I nearly lost it when I heard Nancy (Dad used to say she’d managed to get a permanent look of surprise on her face) say that the oil companies couldn’t be allowed to take advantage of the situation to roll back all they’re doing to “save the planet.”  Someday we’re going to find out that she can’t even save herself, let alone the “planet.”  They employ the term as if the “planet” is within their power.  None of these goofs can save the “planet.”  Electric cars aren’t going to do it either.  But if you watch TV you’d think that we have no choice.  And no, buying one won’t make you “iconic,”  but you might get stranded.

The government won’t call a temporary halt to the egregious taxes on gasoline, but the occupant is releasing America’s strategic oil reserves to bring the price down, temporarily.  Let’s hope we don’t need it.  What will it cost to replace, or are there any plans for that?  Buying oil from Venezuela and Iran?  Revisiting the Iran Deal, with Russia on our side of the table?  What on earth?

God blessed this country with massive oil reserves.  But everybody from the pretender to the corporations and the media is on board with paying enemies to produce our energy.  It’s the craziest thing!  It’s this green boondoggle.  Obviously, the pretender is more anxious to keep the squad happy, if it puts us all out of business.

The Disney company is acting like it can demand woke nonsense and take on Florida. The state has passed legislation making it illegal to bring adult themes into the school rooms of little children.  Disney has made it their priority to abolish the law. They think that NOT teaching little children about weird non-sense is “targeting” them.  We grew up in a time that nobody would dare expose us to this claptrap.  Not anymore.  Maybe you’ve seen the video of one of their executives saying that she has two “queer” children and explaining that there need to be more “gay and transgender” characters in their movies.  Then YOUR children have a chance of turning out like hers.  Isn’t that exciting?

Glenn Beck made a point that bears repeating.  The activists didn’t go after Warner Bros, or Paramount, they’ve taken over Disney.  The company that provides entertainment for children and families.  The White House is taking a stand along with the Department of Education.  Children must be taught about all the weirdness at a tender age, otherwise it’s “tragic” and they’re being “targeted.”   They don’t need to know.  Neither do we.  Don’t tell us.

The mainstream has done everything to couch the war in Ukraine as simply as possible.  Ukraine good, Russia bad.  But Ukraine is hardly a haven for Disney “values.”  It would be entertaining for one of these undercover outfits to send a tranny to Ukraine to help out.  They don’t suffer this stuff lightly over there.  Neither Russia or China are the least bit amused with our stated “values.”  But we’re not supposed to know that.

It used to be entertaining to lampoon the lunatics destroying freedom. It’s not funny anymore.  Last week’s Update warned about the media’s new discovery.  The occupant’s family has been banking vast sums from Eastern European countries and China for years.  It’s all documented and will be made public in spite of the social media companies and the mainstream trying to silence word of it for years.  Only a few months ago, they’d cancel you cold if you dared Tweet or Facebook the stuff now making headlines.  They called it “Russian disinformation,” and you might just be “Putin’s puppet” if you were shown to be saying anything about it publicly.

But alas.  The flagship papers now admit that it’s all true, without accepting any responsibility for attempting to deceive the public.  The laptop from -you know where- is not “Russian disinformation.”  They’ve finally admitted it.  What we knew and understood before the last presidential election, banned from polite company by the big bosses is now the stuff of headlines!  They’re reporting things we knew two years ago and calling it “Breaking News.”  What a farce!

Uh oh.  Hunter will have to plead guilty to everything to avoid a trial that would implicate the “big guy.”  What a conundrum!  It couldn’t have happened to a nicer family.  Even with the millions, they can’t afford it.  Neither can we.  They call us “haters” if our beliefs line up with the Bible.  Sticks and stones…


Mark  Armstrong