Mark Armstrong Commentary – 7 June 2024

Greetings from Tyler,

History is being made, believe it or not. The pretender says he won’t pardon his son being prosecuted for gun charges. Then, he said he’s going to debate Trump. Probably something will come up that will make that impossible, but in the meantime he’s putting on a brave face. He better hope the debate doesn’t happen.

What about the “mysterious attacks” across Europe? There are fires in stores, firebombs in hotel rooms, and every investigation leads to Russians. They’re saying there’s a “lack of sophistication” leading to some of the perpetrators getting burned. They think the Russians are softening things up, just in case.

Everybody’s talking tough, as if some territorial dispute of longstanding is going to get us into a war with Russia. “Democracy is under threat!” is the tired refrain. Makes me wonder if the pretender will get us into WWIII to avoid the inevitable. He’s in a lot of trouble, and probably dying to change the subject. Are they going to keep preaching this “threat to democracy” nonsense like they have global warming? If they’re really worried about “democracy”… They’re obviously not, they’re only worried about power.

If you look at history and the things that have started wars, you know that it can be something relatively small that escalates. Right now we’ve got Ukraine, with Zelensky running all over the world with hat in hand. This guy’s an actor, and he’s playing his part to the hilt. I don’t doubt that the Russians are doing bad things, but let’s not let this thing get out of hand. There’s talk of escalation everywhere you look. The worse things get for Ukraine, the bigger the talk. Remind you of anything?

Having seen what the people in power have used as excuses for violating everything we hold dear, we don’t trust them.

North Korea and South Korea are banging the war drums, and worse if you’ve read the news. With no strong leadership anywhere to be found who knows where it will lead. They’ve re-militarized the border and it’s a tinderbox.

Blinken is holding meetings with the Arabs in the Middle East, trying to get a handle on the ongoing war. But all is not well between the Arabs either, evidenced by a shouting match and a meeting that broke up.

The pretender keeps embarrassing himself in public. Nobody knows what’s going on, except Jill. She knows. It’s a good thing we can’t see what’s going on behind closed doors.

Now there’s talk of an expanded role for NATO in the Ukrainian war. We need some leadership now, and all we’ve got… Do you think the world doesn’t see what we do? The U. S. is everybody’s whipping boy right now, and they’re poking fun at the United States as we watch in horror wondering if the resident has done it again. That’s not what we should be thinking about as our leader attends conferences. Everybody knows he’s elderly. That’s the least of it.

Nobody thinks twice about the United States right now. We’re worrying about other things right now, like “Miss” Maryland. We better get a handle on this woke stuff before God gets angry.