Mark Armstrong Commentary – 6 May 2020

Not Proud!

Some of the ritziest districts in all the United States lie in chaotic rubble.  Political correctness dictates that we all take a knee and realize the nation had it coming.  The Senator from New York is beaming with pride.  He’s proud of the protesters, and he’s proud of New York.  Is he really!?!  He needs to make that speech standing ankle deep in broken glass out front of Macy’s.

Maybe some protester means well.  But the screaming, cursing mob holding hundreds of police hostage while cities are systematically looted and burned is aiding and abetting the rampaging criminals.  The Senator is no doubt proud that hundreds of criminals were released on account of the viral panic that news organizations are still pushing, albeit feebly.  Bail reform was supposed to be a great improvement to the judicial system.  At present, it means that thieves and arsonists are freely doing what they do.  Apparently it was done of the basis of compassion and racial justice, but looks like a huge mistake right about now.  But Chuck is proud.

Is there some doubt that at least a portion of the rampaging gangs that have torn American cities asunder were put back on the streets just in time?  The Senator must be very proud.  He’s undoubtedly proud of all the other sanctuary cities that put the wants and needs of criminals way ahead of the security of law abiding citizens and proprietors of formerly successful businesses.

It was almost as if the Mayor of New York held the police at bay while the city burned.  We hesitate to divine motives, but the fact is New York’s most glamorous districts were reduced to poverty while  news reporters stood in their masks with cameras rolling.  The looting went on hour after hour with no sign of any interference by law enforcement.  Later we learn that there were some few hundreds of arrests, but the looters and rioters were immediately returned to the streets, thanks to the last time the legal system was “reformed.”  Few if any are removed from the problem at hand.

Mad Dog Mattis finally lived up to his name.  President Trump chose his top generals and advisors without litmus tests regarding their personal leanings.  He expected everyone to behave professionally and live up to universal expectations of high standards.  He thought they’d suspend any personal persuasions, performing their sworn duties on behalf of the United States.  Boy was he wrong!  Several of these “highly respected” professionals have shown themselves to be anything but.  They keep their heads down, grumbling privately about the president, until they arrive at what they believe to be an opportunity to do maximum damage.  Then the long knives come out.  Mad Dog suggested the mayhem we’re seeing is the logical result of three years of immature leadership, directing his comments at the President.  So, what was the reason for Ferguson?  Was it Obama’s fault?  The ignorant protesters still act out the “hands up don’t shoot” fallacy.   Even though it was proven to be false, the media continued to show great deference.  They keep talking about the need for a conversation.  But this has gone way beyond a discussion.

Mad Dog provided additional red meat to the angrily sneering “news” reporters.  He’s bolstered their case allowing them to rub his military rank and service in everybody’s face, while basking in the reflected glow of his intemperate comments. What former general attacks the President who promoted him so enthusiastically?  The deep state undoubtedly cheered.  At least Mad Dog gave them a little temporary cover.  If there’s any shred of justice left in America, they’d better enjoy the moment.

Then there was the case of Mark Espers.  He’s publicly stated his disagreement that the President would use the military to protect national monuments in Washington D. C., many of which have already been vandalized with slogans of the mob.  Isn’t it great when those to whom the president entrusted important responsibilities defy him in public?

Now we’re supposed to worry about the Constitutional powers of the President to protect national monuments with the military, many of which have already been vandalized and fouled with nonsense slogans?  Who does he think he is?  How dare he call out the soldiers and Humvees to protect the symbols of America?  Doesn’t he realize that someone might be upset?  We’re all upset!  It’s obvious the mob would break or topple every national symbol.  They’d burn down the White House with President Trump inside, such is their wild-eyed rage.  And they’re righteous, according to the media.  No, the only “right” and equitable thing to do would be to join the protest.  If the media had their way, we’d all go taunt some policeman while our buddies plunder the lives of those who worked for a living.  That is until the “authorities” told them they couldn’t!  What happened to the quarantine?  We were told we’d be putting everybody in “danger” if we so much as leave the house.  But we’re expected to display great deference and sympathy toward the mob burning up the lives of the law-abiding.

Violent mobs don’t have to stay home.  They don’t have to worry about going to work, work is still closed in the cities with large protests, and the government will now make it possible to survive without working.  They can stay up all night if they want.  They no longer have jobs.  Everyone else is quarantined!  Nobody better dare get in the way of the rampage, because those jumping around in the faces of police are right, according to nearly every source of news.  Their feelings have been hurt! You’ve got million dollar ball players pretending to cry on national television, because we don’t understand how “hurt” their feelings are.  Make it a river.  But then, where were the tears?  Pinched up faces don’t move us much.

How dare we respect the flag?  How dare we love the United States?  Don’t we realize how racist we are?  Don’t we realize that all the stealing is not really stealing at all?  It’s “symbolic taking,” and we have to support it if not contribute to it.  The news media has taken a knee, and they’re demanding we all do.  Say that you respect the flag?  You’ll be attacked, should they know your name.  The anarchists are blowing up ATM machines, as many as 50 reported in Philadelphia alone, using dynamite.  One idiot blew himself up in the process.  And the uh, “protesters” have defaced nearly every memorial in D. C.

They’re arguing that the president is pushing beyond his authority to invoke the Insurrection Act used by several Presidents over the last hundred years.  It was most recently used by President Bush Sr. in response to the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.  Is this current situation not infinitely worse?  Back in the day Los Angeles was a significant concern.  Today, law and order in the United States is breaking down completely, and Chuck Schumer is proud.  Maybe he just wants to be the last one they loot and burn.

Imagine how proud he’ll be then.

It seems that the riots and looting is starting to recede.  But don’t worry, another crisis has been planned, and another one after that.  The only shame is that the corona virus panic murdered the economy, and we’re all supposed to feel good about it.  The “news” media is still pushing the virus.  Commercials are still advising that we stay home and stay safe.  They think we’ll continue doing business with them?

Russia collusion was a scam, and one that no-one has paid for, except for those who were falsely accused and broken by attorney’s fees.  The Ukraine phone call impeachment was utter nonsense, despite the bug-eyed dumbster (Adam Schiff) to which we were all subjected.  The reaction to the virus was all out of proportion to reality, but we’re going to be herded around by idiotic rules for the foreseeable future. Much to our amazement, the President must have been legitimately spooked by the dark predictions of medical professionals.  He stood by while the economy was destroyed, even before the rampage started, and that’s a huge disappointment.  Any suggestion that America might recover is enough to start another round of rioting.  As we’ve realized for some time, those who hate this nation won’t be satisfied until it’s utterly destroyed.  Sadly, that’s a real concern.  We were right when we warned that things might get ugly.  We didn’t know how right we were.

Calls to de-fund police departments are gaining steam.  In Minneapolis they’re talking about disbanding the police department completely.  Imagine how peaceful the metropolis will be when there are no police.  Come to think of it, that’s exactly what we’ve been watching!  America has some serious problems all right.  They have nothing to do with racism, but they have everything to do with the hideous sins that political correctness regards as national values. Have we forgotten that “values” like these got Sodom and Gomorrah burnt up?  Forget about hurting the feelings of the mob.  Why do you think we’ve been left vulnerable to these violent, America-hating leftists?  And one more thing.  They hated America long before the advent of President Donald Trump.  This play-book was created by the radical movement clear back in the ’60’s.  One of the most prominent of them (Bill Ayers, Weather Underground) was Obama’s mentor. He’s been teaching…we wonder what.  They were ready to destroy everything in the name of… yep, police brutality.  Racial inequality.  We lived through some idiotic episodes, and here they come again.  This time with two generations of mis-educated miscreants, taught by ’60’s era radicals.  Nice.