Greetings from Tyler,

          It may be that a war is needed.  After all, what hasn’t gone wrong during the pretender’s first full year?   A skirmish would surely soak up plenty of ink and airtime. The White House is all about Russia’s pending incursion into Ukraine.  The occupant famously said that there might be a “minor incursion,” and then we’d just argue about who needs to do what.  Everybody from the redheaded spokes lady to the President of Ukraine has been trying to clean that up ever since. That, and of course the deadly Chinese flu conferring vast powers on government agencies. You don’t suppose a distraction is needed while they act like requirements and mandates are just a benign reality.  Here’s an idea. 

          How about we all pretend like we’re still free!  But you can’t get away with that in the great State of California.

          The latest is that Putin has 100,000 troops on its border with Ukraine, and now they’re engaged in war games.  Putin has made no secret of the fact that he saw the implosion of the Soviet Union as a great disaster and is maneuvering to try to put it back together.  He plans to be calling the shots for another ten or twelve years, and figures he’d gain hero status if he succeeded in the impossible.  The foremost political prisoner in Russia is a man named Navalny.  Somebody, if not agents of the state, poisoned him by smearing a toxic agent in his clothes, but he eventually recovered.  He’s serving a term in a Russian prison and unapologetically trying to overthrow a man he describes as impossibly corrupt.

          TIME magazine ran a lengthy report on him and his situation.  The headline on the Drudge Report called him “The man Putin fears.”  His agents reportedly flew a drone over lavish palatial residences Putin frequents sparking a debate on the actual ownership.  It’s a childhood friend from way back who is the owner, so there.  Nevertheless, Navalny has set up remote operations that are working to turn public opinion against the dictator.  According to TIME, in a nutshell, this is what Putin is truly concerned about and everything else, including war-games on Ukraine’s border is directing attention elsewhere. These are mainstream outfits.  Who knows if they’re credible after all the non-sense they’ve publicized. 

          It’s pretty discouraging watching nearly everything go the wrong direction.  We’d rather not depress you further by making a list.  It’s in your face most days.  Let’s talk about what’s going on in the rest of the formerly free world.  It’s absolutely heart-breaking to see what has become of Australia, Canada and several nations in Europe.  Governments and health ministers have been issuing orders like they’re going out of style, and sure enough, they are.  The tech companies have tried to black out any news of resistance anywhere.  Apparently, they want people to think they’re the only ones, and they’re isolated from what the masses have determined.

          Any form of public resistance has been met with overwhelming force in a lot of instances.  People are arrested for whatever as police take dramatic action.  In Australia, we’re told, the masses are fully supportive of the most restrictive policies the government can come up with, and all in favor of severe punishment for those who wish to make their own decisions without having their job or their life terminated by some policy or other. 

          As the virus reportedly becomes exponentially more common and less lethal, the demands of “authorities” become more strident, and more bizarre.  Who’s thinking this stuff up?  They’re implementing a policy that demands truck drivers have proof of vaccination in order to cross the border, and so goes the talk of shortages.  That’s the Canadian border.  We don’t even want to know about the one to the South.  Seriously.  It turns your stomach.  Then you hear about the flights that land at 3:00 am and “immigrants” being smuggled into neighborhoods under cover of darkness.  No doubt some great people.  Unfortunately, their upkeep will be added to the unmentionable national debt, courtesy of your grandchildren.

          The virus news is just too much to wrap your head around.  Nations that touted nearly universal vaccination rates are drowning in terrible cases.  How is that possible?  Israel?  They’ve bragged on 90+% and yet are struggling with outbreaks.  It does kind of make you wonder.   

          We have to try to find some humor amid this rolling catastrophe, and hope and pray it’s temporary.  How is there nothing funny about the administration’s trying their hardest to get us back into the Iran Deal, and they can’t get it done!  Iran’s demands are just too much, to much public humiliation for even the current administration to swallow.  And that’s saying something after the Afghanistan debacle.  It’s enough have you recalling the Jimmy Carter days fondly.  Sarc. 

          How long will free people be ordered to and fro?  Maybe as long as we comply.  What will they next demand on the basis of “science” or medicine?  We’ve got our mandates.  They’re known as Commandments.  Whatever some discredited agency comes up with, we’ll decide.  Thanks anyway.