Mark Armstrong Commentary – 17 July 2020

you’re part of the problem
and Submit!

News networks have deputized corporations, private businesses, and the public at large to enforce mask mandates. A senator has been photographed on an airplane, cell phone in one hand coffee cup in the other. Somebody call the cops! But they don’t respond to calls from over 10,000 feet, so American Airlines is “conducting an investigation.” That’s comforting. Who does this guy think he is, not keeping everybody safe?

For some time they were patient with those who believe in inviolable rights handed down from the Creator God. It’s in our Declaration and codified in Constitutional language. But they’ve had enough already. Now, you will submit on the basis of keeping everybody safe, or they’d have you believe that you’re risking “killing people” by transmitting a disease you don’t know you have. So you’re not sick? That’s what you think. Why, this virus can hide out for at least a couple of weeks while you spread it to people who’ll die. It’s made to order for the destruction of capitalism. They’d have us believe that simply displaying a mask is somehow “saving lives,” even if you’re not sick. Perhaps especially if you’re not sick because it’s sending a message to everyone around you.

Because many have refused to play by the new rules, governors are threatening to shut down everything completely. In California, business concerns were “allowed” to begin working again as long as all Covid protocols were followed. But then a funny thing happened. Hardly anyone showed up anywhere with masks and gloves. It’s not nice to flaunt official MANDATES. So now everything has to be shut down again! That ought to teach the public that when the governor or mayor gives an order, you better obey their mandates, or suffer their wrath.

New definitions for words have been devised, and a whole new range of phrases that don’t mean what you thought they did. It’s not acceptable anymore to say you’re not racist. Under the evolving new lingo, that’s proof positive that you’re a racist, alright. You must be “anti-racist” in order to be left alone, and that means supporting the tenants of BLM (which used to stand for the Bureau of Land Management, but that’s probably a racist bit of knowledge). Somewhere in the process of being “anti-racist” you must admit that “systemic racism” is part and parcel with American culture and the capitalist system. Becoming “anti-racist” means you have to help, or at least support its destruction.

It’s why you keep hearing about the need for a “conversation.” Nothing means what it did. Innocent-sounding phrases now have all kinds of ramifications, and you must learn what things really mean, and why you’ve been part of the problem without knowing it; why you’re probably sick and don’t know it. In short, we’re being herded into admission and submission. It looks like that is what nearly all the big corporations, everything from TV networks to sporting goods chains are doing, admission and submission. Corporations think the quickest way to get the goon squad out of the street and off their backs is to agree to every demand coming our way.

That means changing the names of everything. The Washington Redskins announced that they’re giving in as an organization, and now they’re going to change the name. We’re not sure to what. Glenn Beck suggested The Washington Weasels. It’s hard to remember how many times this argument has come around. The last time it did, they couldn’t seem to find any tribe or Indian representative who was offended. It seems like some came forward and said explicitly that the moniker wasn’t offensive, but that was then. Now they’ve got BLM, antifa, the Muslim Brotherhood and every other radical misfit on the bandwagon. From recent experience, they know and we know that there will be attacks, fires interspersed with “peaceful protests” at any attempt to go forward without taking a knee for the mob. But that won’t be the end of it. They’ll have another grievance soon.

Here in Tyler, the local news reported this morning that there will be meetings to determine whether the names of both high schools in town must be changed. One is John Tyler High School, the other is Robert E. Lee High School. If they manage to get those names changed, maybe the name of the city is next! At the rate names of things and places are falling into disrepute, soon we may not know where we are or where we’re going.

Disney, of all places, has the quarterback with a hair band who doesn’t play football as a production partner to give his unique perspective on all aspects of race relations in sports. He’s going to produce a special that chronicles his life, and it’s going to include never-before-seen footage that’s been shot over these years he’s not been playing. Oh boy, we can’t wait! Instead of football, he’s been signing big deals with the likes of Nike just to make sure we never buy another pair of shoes from them. That ought to show us!

News anchors have been beside themselves because our president wouldn’t don a mask in public, and finally, they claim, a hospital visit was put on his official schedule for the express purpose of getting pictures of Donald Trump in a mask. “Pretty sad,” said CNN. He’d never have set the photographic example, except that they put him in a hospital situation where infectious patients in residence made it a necessity. Too bad he didn’t just refuse to go the the hospital under the circumstances. If he’d done that, there would have been a media meltdown that would have lasted until they had another bombshell accusation. Maybe he needs new advisors and planners. Going along with the demands of the mob right now is tantamount to helping accomplish the goal of a communist revolution. Some of us just aren’t on board!

Crime has exploded in America’s big cities. Police in New York (and many other places) are afraid to do their jobs, lest they be called you know what, possibly fired and prosecuted. Criminals have been encouraged to resist and fight police or run if confronted. Even a presidential hopeful is now calling police “the enemy.”

The destruction of Western civilization is under way, and it’s being carried out in such a way that no one dares fight back. After all, you may get the dreaded virus and DIE. Every time it looks like the economy may bounce back, the news reporters ON EVERY NETWORK and local station dependent on wire services announces a spike in cases. This testing extravaganza was a bad idea. It’s hard to know whether the tests are unreliable, or those conducting them are part of the plot. Laura Ingraham reported that the testing stations in Florida are reporting 100% of people tested are positive, none negative. In Virginia, every time they get another positive result out of someone who’s tested positive, it’s listed as an additional case. One person who tested positive 15 times has been reported as 15 separate cases in the “numbers,” which of course don’t lie.

It was reported today that the U. S. government has dispatched an estimated EIGHT TRILLION dollars to make sure people weren’t under undue financial stress as they stayed home unable to go to work, lest one or another state government make an example of them. It turns out that’s a “guestimate” for all of 2020. A mere 4.75 trillion has been expended to date.

Several states that make up a sizable proportion of American productivity are still LOCKED DOWN. They’re determined that children not return to school in the fall, and that means many adults have a problem going to work, assuming it’s “allowed.” That ought to fix capitalism, once and for all.

Maybe you’ve noticed, the lock-downs include churches! You will NOT assemble to worship God, or the police might show up! So who do you fear? The rioters obviously don’t fear the authorities or God. We fear and worship God, and the local “authorities” will learn to sooner or later, assuming they ever get over their power trip.