“The Real JESUS” by Garner Ted Armstrong

Who was the REAL Jesus Christ? We know the scriptures, indeed Christ Himself predicted that after His death and resurrection many would come preaching in His name but who would preach a false Christ and would deceive many. (Matt.24)

Look around today just how many hucksters there are claiming to preach Christ’s gospel message. Of the book Dr Joseph Hopkins, Professor of Religion, Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania wrote: “Garner Ted Armstrong. Controversial? Often. Dull? Never! The REAL Jesus is written in the same colourful, vivid and forceful style which characterised GTA’s popular radio and TV commentary… GTA begins, “It’s time you met the real Jesus.’ He complains, with cause, that Jesus has suffered at the hands of artists, writers and theologians who have robbed Him of His humanity and/or deity…. While contending for Jesus total humanity, he defends with equal vigour His total deity…. Traditional Christians will find much to approve, much to disapprove, in GTA’s the Real Jesus. But they will find the book stimulating reading – a fresh backdrop against which to reexamine their own presuppositions of the God-Man, Jesus Christ.”

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