GTA TV Ep. #0303 – “”Why Does God Allow Human Suffering?” – Garner Ted Armstrong

The family was shocked beyond comprehension! Caught in a snowstorm in Alaska, they had kept their heater running. The snow had piled high around the car and, without their knowledge, deadly carbon monoxide had seeped into the automobile. The gas—heavier than air—had first reached their twin boys, asleep on the floor Groggy, wondering what was causing their sleepiness, the parents gradually became aware something was wrong. The father struggled to open the windows to change the air! They grasped their twin baby boys-shook them, rubbed their little arms and tried frantically to awaken them. But it was too late! Their cries of anguish were lost in the blackness of that Alaskan night with its billions of softly falling flakes. But WHY? WHY, if there is a loving God in heaven, do such tragedies strike? WHY DID GOD LET THOSE BABY BOYS DIE?

“Oh God, where were You when I needed you?” It is an anguished cry that sounds over and over out thousands of times when some horrible tragedy strikes and deaths or wretched maiming occurs to innocents by accident or worse.

This is the question posed in this GTA TV program. Where is God when all this calumny strikes? And what is His plan. AS well as the program we suggest the article “”Oh God, where were You when I needed you?”” by Garner Ted Armstrong will answer some of the questions:

The program also offers a full sermon on CD by the title, “Why Does God Allow Human Suffering” plus a booklet, “When I Die, What Happens Next?” that can be requested in hard copy or read online here: