GTA TV Ep. #0211 – “The Pagan Origins of Easter” – Garner Ted Armstrong

“The Pagan Origins of Easter” – GTA Ep. #0211 from Garner Ted Armstrong EA on Vimeo.

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Easter is the greatest of all “Christian” observances, closely followed by Christmas. It supposedly celebrates the resurrection of Christ. WHY, then, did Paul command the Gentile Christians to “show the Lord’s DEATH” till He come? Jesus Christ Himself celebrated His famous “Last Supper”with His disciples, proclaiming that a bit of unleavened bread represented His body; that a sip os wine represented His shed blood. This was in commemoration of His DEATH for the sins of all mankind. Why is there no command anywhere in the Bible to celebrate His resurrection? Why did not the Apostles celebrate it? Is the “Passover” only “Jewish” and therefore not Christian? Should Christians observe Easter? Does the Bible command Easter observance? The booklet offered through the program thoroughly answers these questions and most will be astonished.

The booklet offered is titled “Should Christians Observe Easter or the Passover?“. There is also a brochure titled “ Believe It or Not – the Resurrection was Not on Sunday“.

In addition there is sermon offered on CD or DVD titled “Christ Our Passover“.

Booklets and sermons can be obtained free of charge by writing to GTAEA, PO Box 232, Sandy Bay, Tasmania 7006 Australia or in the USA, GTAEA, PO Box 747, Flint, Texas, 75760-0747 or by calling 1300 885 066 (Australia) and (903) 561 7070 (USA).

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