Sermon – “Your First Priority” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, March 28, 1998

What should be the first priority of those called out to understand God’s Truth and in particular the admonition of Jesus Christ to His Church to preach the Gospel to all nations?

Priorities sometimes get clouded and confused with the issues of daily life – making a living, putting and keeping a roof over our heads, taking care of the family. But after we are done playing church; after the quest for the yet to be discovered brand new doctrine; after the flogging of strange pet doctrines and weird beliefs to reluctant listeners, what is it that should drive our daily endeavour. Exactly that, to preach the Gospel of the Good News that Jesus Christ is going to return and establish His Kingdom on the Earth and finally sort out the mess that man has made.

Most who hear the message of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ won’t believe it. Many of those who do understand will do nothing about it.

Nonetheless the preaching of that Good News to the world, as best we are able, is the first duty and obligation of the Spirit begotten Christian.

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