Sermon – “Worldly Government” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, March 7, 1998

A great deal of the effort of “world” leaders is not about ruling justly and wisely but more so about leaving a legacy. Some of the more despotic leaders leave big brass statues they hope will ensure their name, if not their achievements, will live on. They forget that sometimes an ungrateful nation is likely to rip down the stature after they are gone. Think of Sadam.

Other leaders legislate great social programs that they know are impossible to funs or that would if funded bankrupt the nation. But the hope of being remembered as the “education” leader, or the leader who brought free medical treatment to the masses or whatever else appeals to the “masses” mostly overwhelms any thought of what financial ruin the “free” program will have on the nations survival. What matters to many leaders is will I be remembered for some thing big after I am gone?

Examples of this mentality flourish even now in the second decade of the 21st Century. It was ever thus. In this sermon Mr. Armstrong traces the beginning of worldly government.

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