Sermon – “Where Did You Get It?” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, February 27, 1999

From whence did you receive the knowledge of God’s truth? To listen to many of the “more righteous than thou” types it’s probable their response to that question might just be, “I received it of myself”. Or perhaps, “I got it off the radio”. Well, of course it took a miracle of God to open a mind to understand the Truth. But who did the planting?

In this sermon Mr. Armstrong looks at the situation in the Corinthian church to which the Apostle Paul directed a letter, not his first letter to that church but the one we know of as 1 Corinthians. He was writing to a divided church. Divisions had arisen based upon favourite ministers. Paul, Apollos, Cephas (Peter) and Christ, HImself.

But as Paul makes plain in Chapter 3, he, Paul, did the planting. Another watered but God gave the increase. There is an obvious parallel with the Church of God at large today.

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