Sermon – “United Europe and the End Time” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, July 27, 2002

Garner Ted Armstrong reviews the call in 2002 by Tony Blair, British Prime Minister at the time, that a powerful European military force be created – a military force of a United States of Europe. Mr. Armstrong reviews some of the hundreds of instances since the mid 1940’s that his father, Herbert W Armstrong, and himself since the 1950’s had predicted the establishment of a United States of Europe with Germany at the helm – even in the darkest days of the cold war and a divided Germany. They made those claims because that is what Bible prophecy plainly infers must come to pass that prophecies relating to the end time and the return of Jesu Christ be fulfilled.

Since this sermon was made in 2002, and following Mr. Armstrong’s death in 2003, there have been very substantial political moves by countries part of the EU and the Eurozone towards the creation of a United States of Europe with several European leaders calling for such just in 2012 alone. Along with that there have many other calls for increased military unification of European forces, outside of NATO. The content of this sermon is now even more confirmed today than it was 10 years ago – or 50 years ago. It should be noted that Great Britain is not part of the Eurozone and it is now apparent that there is a strong likelihood of British withdrawal from the EU in the next couple or few years. That again is in line with Bible prophecy.

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