Sermon – “These Things” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, September 12, 1998

In 1998 a great many things were going on in the world. “Things” that since that time have been replicated several times over and even now these “things” stress and strain the world leading to the end time conclusion of the age. This sermon has got some surprises. Some in the broader Church of God may be surprised by some comments. Everyone will recognise that the events currently (end of 2012) unfolding in the Middle East and Europe, and what is going on in the USA and other western nations have been building for a long time.

One of those “things” discussed by Mr. Armstrong back in 1998 was the Temple Mount Faithful. This group’s aim is build the Third Temple. As evidenced by this recent article (December 8, 2012) the Temple Mount Faithful, once an Israeli fringe group, is moving into the mainstream. What next?

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