Sermon – “The Rapture in Prophecy” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, May 8, 1999

Over many centuries, in fact from almost the beginning, a veritable raft of false doctrine has infiltrated the lexicon of nominal christianity. One such doctrine, introduced only in relatively recent times, is the so called rapture. THis entirely false doctrine holds that “christians” will be wafted away prior to the prophesied Tribulation leading into the End Time just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. Several denominations promote a form of the rapture doctrine. Essentially the doctrine holds that faithful christians (aka those faithful to the particular denomination) will be taken to heaven to watch in safety the unfolding punishment of those left on Earth after which Christ will return with these “saints”.

The fundamental problem with the doctrine is that there is not a shred of Biblical support for it. It is an recent invention founded on tortured and stretched interpretations of several Bible verses that give no support for it all. It flies in the face of everything Christ Himself said of the times leading to His return.

In this sermon Mr. Armstrong shows there is no prophetic revelation of a “rapture”. Mr. Armstrong expounds what the Bible, as opposed to men’s idle dreaming, really says.

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