Sermon – “The Mission of the Church” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, August 29, 1998

The two fold commission Christ gave to His church (his called out ones) was to preach the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God to all nations as a witness (Matt 24:14) and to baptise those (few) who believed (Matt 28:20) teaching them to observe all things Christ commanded. Christ instructed elsewhere to His disciples to “feed my sheep” – those who had repented, been baptised and had received the Holy Spirit.

But the core commission to each member of the “ecclesia” (called out ones) was to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. By what means – how is that commission fulfilled individually and collectively today? Garner Ted Armstrong expounds the role of the church and the individual member of God’s church in fulfilling their part in what has been called “The Great Commission”.