Sermon – “The Independent” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, January 25, 2003

Look closely at anything God has created and the closer you look the more perfect it is. The closer you look at anything man has made and the more imperfections appear.

God does things in an organised manner. And He does it perfectly. Should God’s Church be organised? Made up of imperfect human beings as it is? God’s Word and the way He goes about His business suggests so. But some just cannot stand “organised” religion, even among the Church of God. That’s understandable to a point when you look at the recent history of the Church of God, especially the parent of the parent church and it’s many spin offs. But does the failures of some frail human leaders mean we abandon doing a Work in an organised manner through and organisation? Garner Ted explains not so. But how does an “independent” ever expect to fulfil God’s commission to the Church to preach the Gospel to the world on their now? That task requires quite a bit more than self.

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