Sermon – “The Hickory Flute”- Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, January 7, 1995

This sermon, delivered at the very beginning of 1995, begins with an allegory of an old shepherd who had for years tended his flock with the crisp,clear, intelligible sounds of a flute made of hickory. The old shepherd died and his place was taken by much younger man with scant understanding of the tunes with which the old shepherd had educated his flock. This younger man played discordant non notes. The flock, not understanding milled around for a while, but many, eventually well over half eventually, wandered off confused.

It is an allegory of what happened to a once great church, whose doctrines came straight out of the Bible but under the younger shepherd were replaced with the fables of men. As it turns out, these were the same fables of men the older shepherd had led his flock out of many years earlier. Now, like a dog to it’s vomit, the younger shepherd, who had been a part of that original flock, returned that church, or it’s remnant, collectively to spiritual vomit.

The body of the sermon is an expansive review of all that God has done to reveal the Truth of the Bible to those whom He has called out and His plan of salvation – all of which the remaining confused sheep of this once great church organisation, the flock that the old shepherd had built up over decades and referenced at the beginning of the sermon, turned their backs on, preferring the manmade false fables of the younger man.

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