Sermon – “The Culmination of Prophecy” – Garner Ted Armstrong, 2002

The introductory first ten minutes of this sermon deals with long past events and individuals, many now dead, in the Middle East but concerning the prophetic scenario set out in Bible passages such as Daniel 11, Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation. Though the main players mentioned now be dead or otherwise removed from the scene there have been plenty of pretenders to take their place and the same historical/political of hatred toward Israel by it’s surrounding Arab countries, plus Iran, continues. Substitute Arafat with Abbas (PA – West Bank) and Mashel (Hamas- Gaza), Mubarak with Morsi, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden with Iran and Al Qaeda, Assad of Syria – he’s still there by his finger nails. Indeed there are plenty of pretenders and contenders.

With that being the position the Biblical prophetic scenario leading up to the climactic return of Jesus Christ is undisturbed. And Mr. Armstrong reviews what scripture (and common sense) foresees in the ongoing struggle between the Palestinians and the Jews, the Jews and the Arab world and the Arab world and what the Bible calls the King of the north. These events are on God’s timetable and He does not require any particular individual to be in place to fulfil his purpose. As noted, there are plenty of pretenders and contenders who may yet play out the lead parts in the final scenes of God’s plan leading to the return of Jesus Christ.

That is one reason why Christ Himself said we should watch always – watch world news, watch what is going on in the prophetically significant areas of the world – the Middle East, Europe and the modern nations of Israel.

Indeed at the end of this sermon Mr. Armstrong lists what we should look for in world conditions leading to the end time scenario.

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