Sermon – “The Coming Mass Conversion” – by Garner Ted Armstrong

What conditions in the world would it take to cause 144,000 people, 12,000 of each of the tribes of Israel, save for Dan, to be instantaneously converted. Remembering that 36,000 of that number come from Judah, Levi and Simeon – collectively known as the Jews of today.

The book of Revelation describes that mass conversion and the world conditions in which it occurs. Combine Daniel 11: 40 onwards with Matthew 24 and the entire Book of Revelation and you have the perfect storm for such a conversion of the 144,000 plus a great multitude beside.

In this sermon Garner Ted Armstrong takes us through the timeline of the End Time world shaking cataclysms described in Revelation. The very conditions leading to the return of Jesus Christ at a time when “unless those days be shortened there should no flesh be saved (alive)” (Matt. 24:22). No wonder there is a great multitude converted and sealed in addition to the 144,000.

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