Sermon – “The Character of a King” – Garner Ted Armstrong, September 2, 1995

David was born to be a King. He was a King and he will be a King again over all Israel in the Kingdom of God, when he is resurrected, at Christ’s coming. What was the character of a man of whom God said David was a man after His (God’s) own heart. David was courageous in youth. He slew both lion and bear. He slew Goliath after giving one of the most defiant speeches recorded in the Bible (1Samuel 17:45-47, and read the rest of the chapter). David was a poet and musician. And he was loyal to God and God’s anointed. Given the chance he refused to kill King Saul. He would not lift a hand against one who God had made king over Israel, though Saul sought to kill him.

This sermon has some interesting personal accounts of events past in the life of Mr. Armstrong.

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