Sermon – “The Bible, fact or fiction?” Pt. 1 – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon

To many the Bible is a closed book. But not just closed – a work of fiction. An old relic written by illiterate goat herders to provide some place for their tribes in the world. The God of the Bible is a construct. Something to counter the pagan gods of those other tribes all round. A product of human imagination. Somehow the disparate authors of the books of the Bible managed to cobble together a story that more os less fits but they rather think not so well that the authorship can be seen as anything other than fiction.Such is one take of the view of the critical Bible scholar, a bred that generally rejects the Bible as the inspired word of a real, all powerful creator God.

After all, how can the Bible be the inspired word of such a God when it is full of error and contradictions?

The facts are quite different. In this sermon and in Part 2 Garner Ted Armstrong wades through many of the so called contradictions, the impossibilities, the so called plain errors of fact – and demonstrates that the Bible really is the written Word of God. Enjoy the experience.

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