Sermon – “The Beginning and the End” – Garner Ted Armstrong 11 May 2002

The plan of God for mankind has a beginning and an end. “The Beginning and the End” explores what that plan for mankind is.

Factually, by observation, it is clear that the universe is endless. It is filled with perhaps trillions of stars in even more trillions of galaxies. More recently astronomers have come to understand that the universe is way bigger, and getting even bigger, than anyone ever thought possible. What’s it all out there for? Leave aside the “Big Bang Theory” mentioned in the presentation linked below. Think Creator God. And what does God want to do with all these stars and galaxies? Is God creating, through a process, a family – a very large family – to fill and to rule all this we see and cannot see in outer space. What is salvation after all? Is the end of God’s plan for mankind, salvation, actually the beginning of His plan to populate the universe, the never ending universe that He also created?

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