Sermon – “Plagues and The Passover” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, February 19, 2000

Virtually all, if not all, of the circumstances of God’s rescue of the then slave nation of Israel out of Egypt is full of typology that bears upon God’s plan of salvation for mankind, both on an individual level and as a whole.

As Mr. Armstrong annunciates in this sermon there are many levels and instances of that typology for the Christian. Egypt is a type of sin. Israel’s exodus therefore is a type of coming out of sin, just as the Christian must. Moses and Aaron are types of God the Father and the Word (the One who became Christ) as Aaron spoke on Moses behalf. The blood of the slain lambs daubed on the door posts and lintels saved Israel from the death Angel just as the shed blood of Christ (the Lamb of God) saves Christians, those who have repented, been baptised and received God’s Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38)

There are many other connections between the exodus of the twelve tribes of Israel (including Judah) and God’s plan of salvation that are discussed in this sermon. Especially as a prelude to the Passover (Lord’s Supper) and the Days of Unleavened Bread, the contentt of this sermon is very worthwhile reviewing.

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