Sermon – “Only One Way” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, December 1, 2001

There are dozens of religions in the world. Most allow for some kind of afterlife in their version of heaven. It may be called Nirvana, Paradise or “heaven”. And many have the view, mostly among Christians that just as long as you live the best you can according to your beliefs you are going to get to tour version of “heaven”.

But is that true? In this sermon Garner Ted Armstrong calls out the weak kneed hypocrisy of some “Christian” leaders who would allow that there is any other way to salvation other than by and through Jesus Christ. It gets rough so be prepared. We certainly would not want to offend anyone. But what a shock it will be to people to learn they will at death be going nowhere except the grave – until the return of Jesus Christ to Earth. And then to find Earth, being where God then is, is heaven. No Nirvana, no Paradise, no virgins or little boys like pearls. But take the time to watch the sermon and learn your future.

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