Sermon – “Land for Peace” 24.10.98 – by Garner Ted Armstrong

The never ending conflict between the Jews and Palestinians over the land of Palestine, the Gaza, the so- called West Bank and Jerusalem itself is no closer to resolution today than it was in 1998 when this sermon was delivered by Garner Ted Armstrong, As with all things, if it was possible, the position is worse today than it was then.

Back in 1998 President Clinton had dragged the parties together in an effort to make something of his Presidency. Yassar Arafat, since dead and then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and today again Prime Minister, had agreed to a “land for peace” deal. The PLO charter then called for the destruction of Israel. It still does – but at that time there was forlorn hope that might change. It did not.

The Biblical prophecies that Garner Ted Armstrong canvassed in this sermon are as true today and they were then. And from that point of view, almost a decade and a half on this sermon serves to remind us of what still lies ahead for Israel and the world before the return of Christ. The ultimate future of the land of Palestine and Jerusalem is spectacular. What is foretold to happen before that spectacular future is realised at the return of Jesus Christ is horrendous. It is something we need to know about.

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