Sermon – “Know Your Enemy” April 8, 1995 – by Garner Ted Armstrong

Who is your greatest enemy? Which person or being is it that wants more than anything to have you, and the rest of mankind for that matter, dead – for all eternity?

He was there in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. And no, he does not look like a snake as the myth would have it. Neither does he appears with horns and tail, evil laughter and spade beard, a pitchfork or a trident held in his hand? He is of course Satan the devil and all true Christians need, perhaps more so than others, to know their enemy, their principal enemy – the accuser of the brethren. That is because true Christians, those whom God has called to understanding and repentance, those who are in Christ, those described as “first-fruits” through a resurrection to spirit beings at Christ’s coming, and to inherit God’s Kingdom and rule with Christ 1000 years, on the Earth, are his main target now. Satan wants to wreck their hopes and God’s plan of salvation.

Ultimately Satan wants to destroy the future of all truly converted Christians – because they have, if they overcome, what he wants – eternal rule (with Christ and God the Father as part of the family of God) in God’s Kingdom. All true Christians need to understand and know their adversary – their enemy – Satan the Devil.

Garner Ted Armstrong wrote a very insightful piece on the nature and character of Satan titled, “Satan’s Greatest Deception“.

In this sermon Garner Ted Armstrong also expounds from the Bible on the nature and character of Satan and with great insight expounds how we might counteract his devices.

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