Sermon – “Jeremiah’s Motive” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, July 18, 1998

What was the motive of Jeremiah who God appointed a prophet? Was it self advancement, money, influence – power? No, a survey of the motives of all the major and minor prophets, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses and Joshua all lead to a singular conclusion. They were not “in it” for themselves. They were all God appointed and God anointed. They understood that calling was to do God’s will to advance God’s purpose. The same can be said of Christ’s Apostles. And the same can be said of God’s Work at all times through history, including the present era.

That motive is to fulfil the Commission that Jesus Christ gave to His Apostles and disciples, His Ecclesia or “Church” and that is to preach the Gospel of the Coming Kingdom of God and the imminent return of Jesus Christ to establish His Kingdom on Earth. In no circumstance does that commission include getting rich off the back of the flock but it is a commission of service.

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