Sermon – “Is the Church Half Asleep?” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, March 16, 1996

Has the world changed much since 1996? We should say so. It is now much worse. The massive terror events such as 9/11 have occurred and all the wars and the aftermath of wars coming out of 9/11 are still being played out. The Middle East has been turned on it’s head with the overthrow of one set of dictators to be replaced by a dictatorial movement, the Muslim Brotherhood. Iran is close to the A-Bomb. North Korea has the A-Bomb and for weeks has held the world to ransom with threats of destruction issued by a lunatic boy leader. That has not yet played out fully.

Speaking of the end time Jesus Christ said we should watch and pray always that we be accounted worthy to escape all that is to befall the world before His return (Matt. 24). In this sermon Garner Ted Armstrong poses the questions: are we watching? are we praying unceasingly? are we fully aware of this world’s ills that we sigh and cry for all the terrible events and suffering we see and hear of around us? Or are we unaware, unconcerned, unfeeling for that suffering? Are we, as members of God’s Church half asleep?

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