Sermon – “Is Sabbath Observance Optional?” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon

“You and I live in a “Sunday-keeping world.” Hundreds of denominations; thousands of churches, observe Sunday as their day of worship, which they call “The Lord’s Day.” Saturday is one of the busiest days of the week.

From the earliest days of America, Saturday has been the “market” day; the day when throngs of people descend upon the shops; when truck farmers take their produce to town for sale. It seems odd that anyone would “keep Saturday for Sunday.” Yet, millions do, the world over. All religious Jews keep the “Old Testament Sabbath.” So do “Seventh-Day Adventists,” Seventh-Day Baptists, and dozens of other “Sabbatarian” churches, some of which are quite large.

Are they all merely “cults,” with a strange belief, out of step with the “mainstream”?

Or can they PROVE why they do what they do? Have you ever looked into it for yourself, or have you always just taken your religious beliefs for granted, without proof?

Surely, since the gigantic Catholic Church and her hundreds of protestant daughters “keep Sunday,” there must be ample proof from the Bible which proves they are correct. You will be astonished at the answer!”

So reads the introductory paragraph to Mr. Armstrong’s booklet, “Why Keep Saturday for Sunday?”

In this sermon Mr. Armstrong touches on many of the proofs that the seventh day sabbath is still God’s commanded day of weekly rest as set out in the Fourth Commandment and he recounts from an original document just how his mother and father, Loma and Herbert Armstrong came to be convinced that they too should observe God’s seventh day Sabbath.

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