Sermon – “Is God Tolerant?” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, January 5, 2002

Is God tolerant of the breaking of His law? The answer ought to be obvious but many, even among of those who profess a belief in Jesus Christ and look to Him as their Saviour somehow come to a view that for, for example “gay” marriage is OK with God. That practising “gay” clergy are OK with God. Equally, many who profess Christianity somehow rationalise that God is OK with, tolerant of, abortion. Presumably, following along on that thought process, He is also tolerant of the conduct outside of marriage that lead to the conception of human life that is now to be aborted. Of course many abortions are also undertaken of offspring conceived within a marriage. Does that make it right?

To those who profess no belief in God at all it’s probably academic to the point of being pointless to ask the question , “Is God Tolerant?” But what if God does exist? What if He really does exist and He really is not as “cool” about His Law being broken as many nominal christians hope. Then what? What if God takes sin (the breaking of His Law) seriously? Oops.

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