Sermon – “Hypocrisy” – Garner Ted Armstrong Sermon, October 13, 2001

Here is a sermon delivered immediately after the Feast of Tabernacles ion 2001, which itself occurred just shortly after the Twin Towers attack on 9/11.

Hypocrisy was all about then and it is all about now. In the light of all that has occurred in the more than 10 years since this sermon was delivered – the ongoing Islamic terror, the rise of Iran and it’s nuclear ambitions, the collapse of one Middle Eastern State after another, to be taken over by Islamic fundamentalists, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia come to mind, and with Syria not far behind – hypocrisy by the West is on display everywhere.

At the time of this sermon the national remembrance of 9/11 victims had just taken place with seemingly every religion, including the Muslim religion, represented. Every manmade religion under the sun and an absence of God’s true religion. Still Garner Ted found solace in the plain speaking of one US military chaplain. Indeed, the aftermath of 9/11 was full of religious and political hypocrisy, as Mr. Armstrong explains. Has anything changed?